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From Software Leads to Hidden Tech Savvy

Not everyone is a software engineer or an MIT grad, not even your own marketers. However, is that really an obstacle to finding effective users? Perhaps not.

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ERP Leads Should Contain Lessons On Culture

The purpose of technology is to make life easier by streamlining mundane tasks and making them more practical. Everyone depends on it.

But every time the newest and shiniest piece of tech comes out, it’s followed by news of tech stress, tech etiquette, tech-related compliance standards… It makes you wonder if people can discipline themselves as fast as technology (and it doesn’t help that we’re still pretty slow on foreseeing the possibilities it continues to realize).

As vendors, your marketers play a vital role in understanding this behavior (both in terms of entire industries as well as individual companies). It all starts with how you understand different business cultures and how it impacts use in tech.

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Software Marketing Tips: Smashing the ‘Techie’ Barrier

As technology progresses today, so does the way we do business. It’s already common knowledge that no matter how small or large your business is, investing in technology and using it well helps them move forward. For example, small businesses are now using social media and require software to determine the rate of traffic their business should accomplish.

This leads to one problem though, not everyone’s a techie. People sometimes have this complex to avoid anything new that’s hard to understand.

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