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New Software Leads and New Security Policies

With the trends of big data and cloud computing, businesses might be downplaying the risks of exposing their information to outside invasion. As software vendors, it’s why you include policy creation as an important subject in prospect education.

On the other hand, software leads are harder to generate when a product seems only to add more rigidity to prospect workload rather than freedom. The good news is that security becomes less rigid the more it is exercised. Think of it like training a guard except the guard had other duties before becoming one.

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Are you Marketing a Tool or a User?

Have you ever given thought about what it is you are presenting? For software vendors, you might automatically say you’re marketing a tool. You want them interested in this tool to the point that your salespeople have a high chance coming out with a closed deal.

Take a moment to reflect though. Are you truly marketing a tool or are you marketing a user? If you want a better idea of what I mean, read the quote below:

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