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Don’t Waste Time When Setting Up Software Appointments!

Software Appoitments

Business intelligence software appeals only to people who are really high up. And if there’s one thing they all have in common, it’s how they value their time. With that in mind, it’s important to make sure that your marketing and B2B lead generation methods take up as little amount of that time as possible. In the following, you will find several methods that need to be tailored or avoided altogether because they take too much of that time otherwise:


  • Web pages – This is not necessarily a bad idea. A good web page that is well-optimized with keywords can attract those who are searching for a software solution. This in turn already establishes a need or else they wouldn’t be searching in the first place. However, the danger is having too much text and listing too many technical features that would surely eat up their time. In fact, you’re lucky they managed to spare a few minutes just to search. Make sure your website doesn’t bombard them with too many details and give them an option to learn more at their own pace.
  • Banner advertisements – Even in B2C businesses, the value of banner ads is still suspect because the conversion rate seems poor. On the other hand, there are plenty of really creative banners out there. The thing is though, you’re better off not trying this at all. The best banner ads are those that really appeal to people who spend a lot of time on the internet. These banners usually contain quirky little features, marketing stunts, and mini-games. A CEO hardly has the time to play around with these things.
  • Telemarketing – While you may have heard or read enough about it from people who say it’s fast, that depends on how fast your own people can use it. Professional telemarketers aren’t as easy to hire as you think. It takes years of experience to become one, learn the right mix of words, timing, and there’s also the additional investment in terms of equipment as well as information.
  • Email marketing – You can consider this the online version of telemarketing. But at the same time though, the rules stated regarding web pages also apply. Your subject line should not signal any red flags but at the same time, it has to signal the needs and interests of the reader.


The above methods are just the first step. You still have to keep the amount of time you spend while engaging the prospect. Chances are, they might not like talking too long even more than you. That’s where the appointments come in. Meanwhile, those same appointments must be carefully qualified before hand and scheduled at the appropriate date so that your prospect doesn’t waste too much time then either.


These people are very critical and very sharp when it comes to measuring the amount of time any activity would use. Just one look and they’ll either stick with you or start walking away. This scrutiny doesn’t end even after the appointment is set and the deal is made. They’ll be keeping an eye on the clock every step of the way so don’t do anything that will spend too much of that time!

Lead Generation Services – Bait With Outbound, Reel With Inbound

Contrary to their popular image of tanning themselves in yachts or beside pools, business executives are busy people. Know someone who thinks that they just sit at a desk all day? Tell them to think again. In fact, if you’re running a company that supplies things like project management or business intelligence software, you may have already had first-hand experience of what these people face.


Another interesting fact is that this also makes them very hard to reach and qualify for software leads. They’re so busy handling so many departments and keeping track of where their companies are headed that only those with a strong need for better software are likely to respond.


Some people actually suggest giving them a phone call. Granted, it does get their attention. However, is it the right kind of attention? The thing is, they hire gatekeepers for a reason. You’re going to have to get past him or her before you can actually talk to the executive in question. What’s really bad though is that these people are good at what they do.


Still, what’s interesting is that certain telemarketing companies have also devised a way to test the waters as it were by combining telemarketing with the newer techniques involving emails.


Think of the emails as bait. Executives who are strongly in need are likely to see the email and become curious. However, too much information can waste a lot of their precious time. You need grant them control of the pace, just like you have to know when and when not to reel so as the biting fish won’t get away. That’s where the actual telemarketing comes in.
However, why not seek out companies with this strategy and see a clearer picture of how it works?

On B2B Leads With Hard-To-Get Data

Business intelligence is a realm of management that has a high tendency to involve sensitive information. Whether it’s information about an upcoming project or even just information about the decisions of a CEO, getting information for this level of enterprise management is going to be hard to get.


Unfortunately, you will need to get it because it’s the only way you’ll have enough to go on if you’re supplying Business Intelligence software and need to qualify your targets for leads. However, what’s even more unfortunate is that implementing and developing it already leaves a lot on your plate.


Hence, even if you already managed to get yourself a successful close are and currently working with a client, it won’t be long till you’re finished and would need have to look out for a new one. This would mean that you’ll be once again spend frustrating days trying to reach important executives, making careful conversations with them, and ending up with bad meetings because your leads aren’t qualified enough.


Wouldn’t it better if instead, you’ll have another job to look forward to or at least another meeting waiting for you the moment your current job is done? If so, why not just simply outsource your lead generation to companies that dedicate all their efforts to both qualifying leads and getting you those appointments? This would literally cut the time you waste in half and double your productivity in turn.


It’s not always a bad thing to admit that certain things are beyond your reach. In fact, if you start outsourcing today, you’ll quickly realize that you’re simply asking someone to get you those things so you can start doing your own job.

Contact B2B Leads At The Right Time!

It’s amazing how much can be lost due to a single mistake. Coincidentally, you can see this happening if you’re trying to generate leads for Business Intelligence software. All it takes is a single, persistent flaw in your lead management and you start running out of promising prospects one by one.


Here’s a more detailed example. Suppose you’ve already established ground and have decided to take your software international. For your first target country, you set your sights on Singapore.


Now you could be confident in your sales-making ability. You can buy yourself a very nice list of leads to follow. You may even have a general idea of what CRM is like in the Lion City. However, if you’re too focused on these, you might forget a tiny detail that could send your entire campaign crashing down.


The aforementioned detail is: Timing.


Do remember that if you ever plan on pursuing a list of Singapore leads, you should be take great care in making sure that list is refined as well as keep track of what time you are calling. Your prospects are on a different part of the world and are likely operating under a different time zone. (This is isn’t even considering the issues brought about by language barriers.)


And these aren’t just mere prospects mind you. Most likely you’ll be contacting very high-ranking executives for your software and it takes a lot to impress them.


However, this is why it’s still best to outsource your lead generation to companies that are more well-informed of such details. Just contact them, and they’ll give you all you need to know to call your leads at the right time.

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