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Software Lead Generation and Software Dependency

In age full of smartphones, social media, constant connection, and big data, there’s always that one voice from the past who insists on ‘the old-fashioned way.’ These are the folks who see dependence on technology as a form of weakness and incapacity to ask the ‘hard questions.’

Adding to the irony is that marketing these same, high-end business software tools invokes similar dependency. Much of today’s successful marketing seems defined by how big a mark you make on the web: LinkedIn, thought leadership, strong data etc. It’s easy to see that there’s less of showing the actual, objective value of your technology and more on just getting that hype train up and running.

How can your lead generation strategy strike the balance between a top quality product and marketing it so that it doesn’t fall into obscurity?

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Can Software Leads Be Too Unique?

A high amount of software leads is good for any company whether you are a vendor for SCM or HR processes. However, sometimes you keep generating them so much, you get dangerously closer to generalizing. They are starting to look all the same. The back of your mind keeps whispering that treating your software leads individually will only prolong your lead generation process, making it arduous. How do you respond?

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Different Software Leads Can Be The Same Underneath

Having software leads from different industries does not always mean their demands will be drastically different. (Although, variety is the spice of life.) The differences are mainly on the surface and right underneath, a lot could actually remain the same. It is like the similarities between science-fiction and fantasy. The differences are only aesthetic but the similarities are hardwired into essence. Imagine if they represented two different software leads?

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