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Lead Generation Tips – Long-Term Customers Are Like Traditions

Out of all holiday seasons, Christmas is probably the one that has most emphasis on tradition. Whether your reasons are religious or historical, everyone has something special they want to do exclusively to this time of the year.

But you know, there are other aspects to tradition and these aspects have a lot in common with what it means to maintain a long-term business relationship.

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Software Lead Generation Tips – Stocking the Right Toys

When you create buyer profiles, it’s often the case that you end up with more than one. It’s what allows to market the right products to the right audience and maximize the results of your lead generation campaign.

It’s like running a toy store and you need to know the kind of toys that’ll be popular with the kids once Christmas comes around.

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B2B Marketing Tips for your Holiday Strategy

Christmas may be over but the whole season sure isn’t.  There’s still some time for you to make sure your campaign stays in touch with the holiday mood. Here are few reminders to get you started:

Generating Belief through B2B Marketing

Believing in something isn’t just an idea reserved for Santa Claus movies, business success stories, or religion. It’s something that many in business overlook, especially in marketing.

But speaking of which, maybe the subject of Santa Claus can teach about what it means to have your own customers believe in you and what happens if you fail to deliver.

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