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Five Basic Characteristics of Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing is often described as a stack, as a response to the broad range of services built on top of one another under the moniker “Cloud.” The generally accepted definition of Cloud Computing comes from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).1 The NIST definition runs to several hundred words but essentially says that: Continue reading

Bracing Your Lead Generation Campaign for Competitive Siege

In light of the DreamForce conference now happening this week, should it really come to no surprise that Hubspot released its own CRM technology just one month prior?

Still, don’t get away with the idea that these sort of plays only happen among the big boys. That’s like saying only hardcore Koreans are the type to make really competitive plays in RTS games. Obviously, really intense competition can happen anytime, anywhere, and in any business.

Can your lead generation campaign withstand the siege?

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Lead Generation Tips – Don’t Let Social Scrutiny Get to You Too Much

Thanks to social media, more and more businesses recognize the greater impact of raw reputation. Of course, it’s not as if businesses haven’t cared about reputation at all (PR companies wouldn’t exist if that were the case.)

I just find it really telling how social media has really emphasized the role of reputation as a marketing staple. It’s a common benefit of using social media to promote businesses and increase the output of lead generation campaigns.

And yet, while reputation has apparently become such a huge thing is there really a situation when it can be beyond saving? With such a renewed focus on how customers perceive you, it feels like nobody should cut a business any slack for even just the slightest offense against social sensibilities.

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Lead Generation Tips – Telling Houston They Have A Problem

“Houston, we have a problem.”

I’ve heard this many times and it still gets a little snicker. It’s not even a standard response for astronauts. It’s just a famous movie phrase that didn’t so much deviate from what happened during the original Apollo 13 mission.

Speaking of which though, why is it that this line is so memorable but not the many times you’ve pointed out software problems during your lead generation campaign?

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How Humor Hooks Your Software Prospects

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