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How Your Lead Generation Campaign Can Persist with Personal Branding

Personal branding is another big thing in marketing but like a lot of trends, people are too impressed by what it shows than listening to what the experts are telling them about it.

So here’s a much closer look into the finer points of a personal brand and how it specifically works with a persistent attitude in your lead generation strategy.

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Get Software Leads from Content or from Conversation?

Defining software leads has always been a point of conflict between tech company marketers and sales reps. But when it comes to content marketing and inbound lead generation, this is where the spat really escalates.

Which is more likely to generate quality software leads, content or having an actual conversation with a prospect?

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Lead Generation Tips – Going Back to the Archives

Most content marketers do their best to avoid recycling their old material (or at least, be too obvious about it). The more they do it, the more they risk prospects catching on. There’s only so many different ways you can teach the same old lessons or keep the same old data ‘relevant.

Then again, don’t some people say the same thing about going to school? It’s the same old books, the same old subjects. Going back to the academy isn’t exactly going to teach you anything new now, right?

In reality though, your lead generation campaign might be running itself dry by looking for new information sources. It’s no longer a race for just new prospect data but new data that prospects find relevant. This can be dangerously exhausting.

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Software Lead Generation Tips – Don’t Always Count on the Obvious

The best inbound lead generation strategies aren’t the ones that leave you cozily waiting for the next prospect to read up on you and eager to learn more.

They’re the ones that have you constantly working on thought leadership, increasing your industry knowledge, and being your software firm’s own PR representative in your own right. You rely on prospects to know the obvious answer: You.

Although, sometimes a prospect can’t even bother themselves to read up. Don’t presume they’re lazy. It could also be because you’re relying on the obvious far too much.

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EMR Lead Generation Tips – Are Your Salespeople Listening to Your Story?

Oftentimes, EMR systems are often the subject of either miracle stories or absolute mayhem for the practices that use them. Naturally, your marketing campaign should be geared at telling the former.

On the other hand, is your team telling these stories in a bubble? They can have the most successful EMR lead generation campaign in your company’s history. That doesn’t mean real success when that campaign’s activities are in a vacuum.

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