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Software Lead Generation in Today’s Information Wars

War profiteering. Among the many negative business associations, this is probably among the worst. Violence for the sake of greed. Conspiracy for the sake of fortune. You’re like the perfect villain in the fantasies of every Alex Jones fanboy.

Today, wars and conflicts are still raging (maybe not as badly as WW2 but still) with information and data technology now lying closer to the heart than ever before. It’s not hard to see all sorts of propaganda disseminating through the internet, for example.  Businesses left and right resort to all means in order to find more customers and sell to them.

It’s a huge mess but the demand is dangerously tempting for those who desperately want a boost in their software lead generation campaigns.

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Protect Sales Leads, Protect Everyone Else

Product demos are a popular way to attract sales leads for software. It gives prospects an idea of what many features they can enjoy from your applications and technology. It is important though to demonstrate the features that matter most. When it comes to CRM, one of those features would be security.

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One Tip For Lead Generation – Give Tips To Your Prospects

Lead Generation, CRM Lead Generation, Generate LeadsHere’s a simple tip if you want a successful lead generation campaign: offer tips to your prospects and customers!

It’s a common notion that both software vendors and more traditional businesses sometimes just can’t connect. Although, with IT and advanced communications driving the world through information, both industries inside and outside software are drawing closer because of increasing, common needs. Two of those would be lead generation and marketing. That’s why it’s all the more important for these two parties to connect and relate.

For example, tools like big data CRM are becoming mainstream throughout the entire business world. Though despite that, many traditional businesses often struggle when using the technology for the first time. Derrick Harris of Gigaom affirms this in his own article:

Big data is going mainstream, but there are still plenty of lessons to be learned from Silicon Valley data scientists whose businesses depend on data to survive. Although their use cases don’t always align with what more-traditional businesses are doing, they know enough about the science and technology to save big-data newcomers a lot of frustration.”

This is where you start giving tips in your marketing materials for your CRM lead generation campaign. In fact, you can consider Harris’ article as one example. Take some of the following ideas he’s presented. Some of these can be posted on your own website (with added input from your own experience). Furthermore, it has applications in marketing as well:

Idea #3: Knowing what to kill

Rather, he explained, using data to determine what features aren’t doing help a company like Salesforce.com decide to put those resources into more-valuable features. “Sometimes it’s more important to know what to kill,” he said.”

Not all features are going to be a big hit and not all tips are that useful. That’s why getting customer feedback and understanding satisfaction are important. Learn to prioritize what kind of advice to give with regards to a customer’s experience.

Idea #4: Providing context

To put it another way, if users know why they’re being shown a particular piece of content or offer or recommendation, they’re more likely to check it out. As a senior data scientist at StumbleUpon, explained, his company invests heavily in big data technologies and data science techniques in order to put the most-relevant web content in front of each user, but knows it’s not enough to expect those users to just trust the service’s judgment.”

Each of your sales leads are unique so don’t just limit the knowledge of context to just marketers. Make sure they inform your salespeople about a prospect’s own software priorities, specifications, and preferences.

Idea #5: Transaction data VS search data

PayPal is trying to traverse this gap, however, beginning with the transactions it processes and using the other data at its disposal (both internally and from external sources such as Facebook and Gnip) to try and figure out who its customers really are and what they really want.”

You can find a connection between ideas 4 and 5. Make sure salespeople are also willing to share knowledge with marketers from their own experience on what customers are like when they’re viewing marketing materials. This should help them grow dynamic when it comes to disseminating tips on how to use big data.

Customers like an expert, especially a credible one. Thus, it’s only common sense that you share some of your expertise so that they can have more benefits than pains when they acquire your product.

Marketing CRM Softwares: On-line or Off-line Methods?

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM for short, is an enterprise resource planning software that is mainly used for implementing strategies for managing a business’ interaction with its clients, customers, and even its prospects. This computer application allows businesses to automate, organize, and sync in processes, mainly for sales tasks, yet it can also be utilized for marketing, implementing customer service, and even a bit of technical support.

Programmers, manufacturers, and resellers of the CRM software have a choice between marketing their computer application in either on-line or off-line methods.

Let us weigh the differences between the two option.

On-line marketing

As a common mindset, a computer application needs a digital way of marketing. CRM software sellers can utilize the power of the World Wide Web to market their computer application. They can post meaningful content to site directories to increase their site’s web traffic. Upon doing so will allow their product to be marketed to a wide-array of markets that will be interested in the purchase of their software.

Off-line marketing

When it all comes down to it, the leading method for off-line marketing lies in outsourced telemarketing services. Telemarketing firms, especially those that has gained enough experience, knowledge, understanding, and expertise on the IT industry, allows precision targeting for software leads depending on the software seller’s targeted specifications. For instance, telemarketing firms use their detailed and lengthy database to target suitable clients located in the auto industry then the business will get ERP leads in this sector. Apart from that, an immense level of speed is also integrated within the campaign.

Sellers of this computer application should weigh these differences well for their CRM lead generation. Such businesses can mix and match between these two means to enhance their chances for acquiring a profitable marketing campaign.


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