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CRM Leads – Defining The R

Cold Calling

CRM, as popularly understood, is short for Customer Relationship Management. However, with the rise of social media, there has been a growing emphasis on the R (Relationship). This is due to a common emphasis of social media marketers on the social relationship between business and customer.


Now the Harvard Business Review has published a blog that heavily contests these views.


In Three Myths about What Customers Want, Karen Freeman and co. list three misconceptions all centered around this view. In summary, the R in CRM is actually defined by the following things:


  • Then nature of the ‘relationship’. – Is it really a ‘relationship’ or is it just a buyer coming over to check something?
  • Shared values – It’s what you have in common and not how much time you spend talking.
  • More interaction isn’t always good – You’re more likely to commit the crime of information overload.


So what does this mean for CRM software firms and will this affect the way you engage your own market? Or if you’re outsourcing, does this change the standards you may have for how companies engage prospects for you? Well if there’s anything you want to take from the statistics, it’s the fact that you really need to define what is connecting you with them. How do they view your product? Does your interaction gear towards finding something in common or do you just yak? And speaking of yakking, is it at the very least helpful to the other end?


Remember, that your sales leads stand for information and that information should be more about what they divulge to you with what you only giving in turn when they ask for it.

Slow Appointment Setting Makes Easy Prey Out Of CRM Leads

CRM, like most B2B-dedicated software, takes a while to fully implement. You’re talking about a software that streamlines the management tasks of an entire department. Meanwhile however, you can never tell when you someone else takes interest in what you’re doing and would like to know more. Here you will realize the basic importance of having a well-planned software appointment setting.


If you don’t, you’ll get the classic scenario of competition beating you to the punch. How? Well obviously since you kept one prospect waiting, any other company with a more accommodating schedule is going to take advantage of that. Do not give them that advantage if you seriously wish to maintain a constant flow of leads from which you can make sales.


One basic method of getting appointments set is via outsourced telemarketing. The process can be simplified enough. Just leave around your contact number for whoever might be interested. On the other end, you tell your telemarketer the important details like your schedule and additional specifications that qualifies a caller as a valid lead.


When browsing through companies though, make sure you only consider those with verifiable experience and are completely dedicated to following your instructions down to the letter. You may not be able to buy the sort of experience to successfully manage your own in-house team but experience still matters nonetheless. A method is only as good as the one using it because that expertise prevents them from making amateur mistakes. Go look for a reputable telemarketer today and don’t leave your prospects as easy prey for your competitors!

Use Only Professional Telemarketers For Inbound Telemarketing

Public opinion often makes the mistake that when you resort to cold calling and telemarketing, you’ve automatically stooped to the level of pushy phone salesmen who are only obsessed with making outbound sales.

However, step back for a moment. Is the same public who forms this opinion even aware of the term ‘outbound sales’, let alone know its definition? You’ll find that outside the business world, your understanding of it may not carry out. The blunt truth is people don’t like telemarketing because they just don’t like getting calls from persistent people trying to make a fast buck out of them.

The truth though is that’s only an insignificant, if not amateur and unprofessional, facet of the telemarketing industry. You may have already heard it time and again but there’s more to using the phone for business besides sales.

As an example, look at the CRM software groups. Companies like that are expected to know a thing or two about how to handle clients or they wouldn’t be providing/developing software centered around that area of business management. As such, it’s not much a stretch either to guess that they also use that same knowledge to try a more inbound-style of getting CRM leads.

See, unlike outbound, inbound is arguable easier because the prospects coming do so of their own will and interest, which by itself already qualifies them to a certain degree. Do take note though, that’s not an excuse to not put some effort in the qualification stage. Inbound telemarketing specifically, has a certain flexibility in that area which makes it a popular tool for getting B2B leads in this manner. Still, it’ll only be as good if you specifically outsource professionals with experience.

CRM Leads Pave the Way for Software Companies

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM for short, is a vital process to just about any business, firm, enterprise, corporation, or company known to man. Most business owners do not like the idea of having only new clients to transact business with their organizations. Although it does not necessarily mean that getting new customers is bad, what it means is that business owners need to have more repeat clients instead.

Today, organizations around the globe employ the use of CRM computer applications as it lessens down manpower and operational costs while streamlining tasks related to this business process.

A need as it is, a good CRM software solution is hard to come by. Developers, programmers, manufacturers, and resellers of a CRM application need to properly entice the interests of prospects and convince them that their software is second to none.

To generate quality interests from CRM leads, companies that offer this type of software can employ the services of professional telemarketing firms. With the aid of expert call center agents, contacting and talking to ERP leads is a feat that can readily be achieved. These sales representatives are trained in the arts of piquing the interests of suitable clients.

Additionally, they know more than just knowing how to talk the talk to prospects. They have significant knowledge with various CRM applications like Microsoft CRM, SAP, Oracle’s Siebel, among many others. Hence they can target the needs of prospects and hit them on the mark, making these potential clients ready to complete sales transactions.

To sum things up, outsourcing to a CRM call center will and should always be the first choice for CRM software sellers for their marketing campaigns.

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