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Today’s Lead Generation Process Should Create Demand

Basic lessons on B2B marketing often have people differentiating demand generation from lead generation? Sometimes though, I’m really not sure how helpful the distinction is outside of knowing how to manage all your activities.

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However, it’s only fair to point out the most obvious difference between the two:

  • Demand generation – Marketing materials. Advertising. Any activity built towards creating mass awareness of your products/services.
  • Lead generation – Individual processing. Prospects are spoken to one-on-one and their interest is individually nurtured through constant engagement.

It looks simple enough at first glance. The thing is, reality is no longer paying much attention to the distinction. Given the rise of both content as well as multi-channel tracking in terms of importance, combining both processes seems to make more sense.

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Eyes, Ears, and ERP Software Leads

Like all B2B leads, ERP software leads are the result of a long (and at times, arduous) sales process. They’re not even the whole of it (maybe half, three-quarters perhaps). But despite that process, you should never underestimate the seemingly trivial role of a prospect’s eyes and ears.

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Why Black Friday Could Be Bad Timing for B2B Marketers

Bad timing is bad no matter what time of year it is. Though when it comes to the Black Friday weekend, even the days leading up to it can be a hazard for B2B marketers.

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