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Overcoming Rejections in Software Lead Sales

As a sales rep of a software lead, you probably experience rejection on a daily basis. Hearing “I’m not interested with your software product” when you call prospects, having a promising opportunity inexplicably dry up, losing a major deal to a competitor — I could keep going, but it’s already getting pretty gloomy in here. So to identify and mend the rejection, we have cited some researches to make your sales day on progress. Continue reading

Why Should There Be New Pricing Models in Software Service Industry


The dramatic changes in the software business over the past few years have important implications for both users and producers of software products and services. Traditional product sales and license fees have declined, and product company revenues have shifted to services such as annual maintenance payments that entitle users to patches, minor upgrades, and often technical support. Continue reading

B2B Marketing: The HR Software Buyer’s Checklist

For any organization, especially for startups and small businesses, HR software is a crucial aspect. Such records of employees help you keep track of their diligence. It also indicates the interest your employee has in his/her work. The more the leaves, the less the interest. HR software helps you keep the most accurate track of the amount of paid leave, sick leave, and holidays your employee is entitled to. Continue reading

How Your Best ERP Leads Can Have the Smallest Beginnings

Robin Williams was one of my favorite actors when I was kid. You can imagine just how bummed I was with the rest of the world when I learned that he just died at 63. To many a lot older than me, he was Mork, John Keating, and Sean Maguire.

But to me, he was always Genie, Mrs. Doubtfire, Peter Pan, and Alan Parish. These characters were all with me growing up and Robin Williams was the man who brought them all to life.

But like all screen legends, he started small. Have you ever thought that there was a Robin Williams among your own ERP leads?

Continue reading

Content Cloning and ERP Lead Generation

Now this one here was harvested in Sydney. And this was harvested in Manila, six years ago. They have the same exact DNA, they’re clones. Dr. Newton Geiszler, Pacific Rim

Obviously, I’m a huge fan of del Toro’s tribute to both monsters and mecha but I can’t help notice you can also say the same line regarding the use of cloned content in ERP lead generation.

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