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Should Software Appointments Really Keep Pricing Secret?

When setting software appointments, one of the things B2B companies do is to keep mum about pricing until a prospect is 100% committed to hearing you out. It can be compared to the simple act of not putting on the price tag until you know that a customer is going to buy the item in the window. However, what about those who make software appointments difficult for the very reason that they need to know the price first?

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Set Software Appointments Under A Time Limit?

Time limits. When it comes to software appointments, it is quite easy to start hating them. Time just had to be that one commodity you can never really take back. Once that second, minute, or hour passes, it is gone. Bye-bye. See you later. It feels like those really bad time limit games we have today. The only difference is that your software appointments are at stake and not just some trivial prize.

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