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How Your Best ERP Leads Can Have the Smallest Beginnings

Robin Williams was one of my favorite actors when I was kid. You can imagine just how bummed I was with the rest of the world when I learned that he just died at 63. To many a lot older than me, he was Mork, John Keating, and Sean Maguire.

But to me, he was always Genie, Mrs. Doubtfire, Peter Pan, and Alan Parish. These characters were all with me growing up and Robin Williams was the man who brought them all to life.

But like all screen legends, he started small. Have you ever thought that there was a Robin Williams among your own ERP leads?

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How To Treat Big Brand ERP Leads

Suppose your lead generation process is like a simple craftsman’s shop. Potential customers see its windows and you, the owner, represent the lead generation process as you address anyone who finally manages enter the door. So far, business has been good. You’ve had a good number of ERP leads for the day.

Suddenly, another one comes in. This one is different? You want to know how? Everyone’s starting at them with a loss for words. Is it a lord? Is it a king?

No, it’s a big brand! Think Apple, Facebook, or even Google itself! They’re in your shop, in your lead generation process, and they could be a potential customer. It’s so sudden, so shocking. It’s almost impossible!

But then again, it isn’t. Unfortunately, the lack of belief is exactly why some ERP companies feel unprepared to pitch themselves when an industry giant miraculously winds up at their own doorstep.

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Getting ERP Leads from Fulfilling Sci-Fi Predictions

When you look at the genre of savvy, you can easily conclude that the entire tech industry ties to an almost prophetic vision of the future. Whether it’s Google Glass, smart cars, or holographic advertising, plenty of today’s innovations are reflected in film classics like Total Recall, Minority Report, and Wall-E.

Every enterprise tech company has as much potential to fulfill a sci-fi prediction or two. The question is, can it really boost demand and make it easier to generate ERP leads?

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