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ERP Lead Generation Tips – Playing the Accidental Superhero

I’m sure plenty of us have heard of accidental discoveries or inventions. These stories of encouragement teach the common lesson that the success you dreamed of can come in unexpected ways.

But put in another way, they’re actually the real-life counterparts to accidental superheroes. Your average comic book geek can name at least three off the top of their head. You’ve got Daredevil, The Flash, and Spider-Man (who, as well know, just had another movie released).

If this was your story, how would you market it? How would you engage with prospects in the lead generation process?

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Big Stunts and B2B Marketing – Part 2

In the previous installment, you’ve seen how ad indirectly communicate and engage an audience by means of either novel or aggressive impressions. Now you’ll be taking a look at more direct marketing examples and how their respective companies handled the crowd.

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Why Black Friday Could Be Bad Timing for B2B Marketers

Bad timing is bad no matter what time of year it is. Though when it comes to the Black Friday weekend, even the days leading up to it can be a hazard for B2B marketers.

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Set Software Appointments Under A Time Limit?

Time limits. When it comes to software appointments, it is quite easy to start hating them. Time just had to be that one commodity you can never really take back. Once that second, minute, or hour passes, it is gone. Bye-bye. See you later. It feels like those really bad time limit games we have today. The only difference is that your software appointments are at stake and not just some trivial prize.

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When Software Leads Turn Out Easy

Many people say that software leads are not as easy to require. Like recruiting, it is becoming almost automatic for experts to “tell the truth” about how the job is a lot more complicated than it looks. On the other hand, what if you are of those rare people who found software leads an easier job than you thought it was? Does this mean the future of your campaign is set for smooth sailing?

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