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Telemarketing Tips – How to Amp Up with Mobile

Today’s business professionals are increasingly relying on tablets or smartphones for organizing work. Large and stationary desktops are no longer convenient for people update their status or check their mails on the go. However, the rise of online mobile isn’t just a trend for mobile enterprise vendors. It also demands innovation for promoting products and engaging prospects in your B2B marketing campaign.

Mobile marketing comes in many forms. You have SMS, app-based, and mobile web design. Since the desk may no longer be the go-to place to talk with your prospect, this channel is your only chance of getting their attention and scoring a call.

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Software Lead Generation Tips – Evaluate Monopoly

Your software lead generation tools may be simple but that simplicity could be all you need to see if you are going for a monopoly and assess it as good or bad news for your software firm. Monopolies have always existed in the world of business. Their role in history has been a mixed demonstration of both corporate greed as well as the human capacity to offer something unique. Lead generation is your means of sifting through that mix.

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Getting Software Leads From Prospects Gone Wild

One of the most tried and true ways to maximize your software leads is to make them into loyal customers. B2B or B2C, happy customers are always more likely to come back for more compared to new ones. This is why your software leads should not just be generated with short-term goals in mind.

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Lead Generation Tips – Predicting Misalignment

Assuming too much is never good for lead generation. Many prospects are easily turned off by marketers or salespeople who think they got everything figured out with just a few facts. On the other hand, you do not want to come unprepared. It is unrealistic to believe there are no problems you could have avoided if you had just a little more information.

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Lead Generation Tips – Handling Post-Election Drama

A typical obstacle in lead generation is a relocating prospect. And in the aftermath of the recent election, a spike in relocation promises seem to be a dramatic (if not cliched) response regardless of who really won. Will this spell a major mess in your marketing campaign?

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