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B2B Marketing: The HR Software Buyer’s Checklist

For any organization, especially for startups and small businesses, HR software is a crucial aspect. Such records of employees help you keep track of their diligence. It also indicates the interest your employee has in his/her work. The more the leaves, the less the interest. HR software helps you keep the most accurate track of the amount of paid leave, sick leave, and holidays your employee is entitled to. Continue reading

Types Of Information For Software Sales Leads – Type #5: Schedule

Software Appointments

Suppose you’re already in the final stages of the lead generation process. You’ve made contact with a potential client, learned about they do, figured out their needs, and confirmed that they have the necessary budget. So what now? Better yet, do you even know what qualifies as the final stage or what qualifies a certain lead?


In other words, do you know how to finish it up and attempt the sale?


Think of lead generation as aiming a hunting rifle. You make sure that the target is not moving or if it is, you try to time the shot and move the barrel at an appropriate pace. The process is finished when you finally pull the trigger.


That won’t matter if you don’t know how and when to shoot the gun in the first place.


Hence, you need to know how to plan your process so that you have a cutoff time or a set date in which you can attempt the sale. In other words, you need to really schedule your attempts. The idea of implementing something as high-end as ERP software will definitely be something that company decision makers need time to think over. And it’s not just them either, when you consider parts of the package such as CRM and HR software, they’ll be talking this over with their employees as well. You will need the full support of their organization.


These things take time, lots of it. Some companies even go as far add in software appointment setting so that their potential clients will have a really comprehensive idea of what they’re being offered. The only way to finish the process that way however is if you take note of their schedule.

Generate Sales Leads By Getting Information Beyond That Of The Decision Maker

HR Leads

Generating leads requires information that is beyond that of simply contact details or the names of decision makers. It’s a steady exchange process that takes as much as it dispenses (perhaps more). The more information you gather on a prospect, the more likely you can find ways to convince them about HR software solution.


The thing with HR though is that you might need more than what the manager says. The managers themselves may even say that they can only speak for the company’s workers if the workers themselves have given their input.


Make no mistake, this doesn’t mean you have to go all the way and ask the employees directly. It only means you need to consider them as much as the person in charge whom you’re contacting. Be careful though, your questions must be tact and subtle. If not you, then at least you should outsource people who are experienced with such scenarios and know how to get answers.


These same answers can then prove quite useful and can help you how to make implementation a smooth process. It can even equip you with some knowledge if you’re using software appointment setting to discuss things more fully in a business meeting. As far as HR management is concerned, the perspective of employees will always play an important factor so you might as well show concern for them as much as the person handling them. Try to go beyond the decision maker because your product isn’t just mean to serve them but also the people who keep their business running.

HR Software – Getting Leads Can Make Companies Aware Of Unknown Payroll Issues

Flaws in payroll aren’t always the result of any ill-intended manipulation. There are times when it’s simply the result of ignorance on the part of the whole company. You can have companies that are so preoccupied with other issues that they can’t bother themselves to re-evaluate their HR system (assuming they even have one).


On the other hand, that doesn’t mean they should persist and for all you know, yours could be the better software solution. The problem though is finding these people and making them aware. This means you might have to consider what questions to ask and how you can gradually show that you can be more of service to them.


In other words, it’s about communication and information. And putting those two together, you spell out lead generation. There’s no doubt though that it’s a painstaking process involving the use of many communication channels (even more today with the introduction of internet communication) as well data management tasks.


Then again, should price be an obstacle to providing service? The idea is practically both unprofitable and also unethical. In fact, you can always outsource another company to generate sales leads for you and simply spell out at what point you’d like to engage a prospect (be it asking for simply a number or even setting an appointment).


Remember, your goal is to help a company be more aware of any potential problems in their HR system and an encounter like that is not unlikely when you’re approaching them as B2B leads. Generate some leads today and increase their awareness!

Avoid Unexpected Expectations With Appointment Setting

The constant shifts in the IT industry means that general expectations amongst companies can change in as little as two years (or even less). For instance, the growing trend of cloud based software and SaaS for company management (including HR). And when these expectations shift, so does the quality of information on your software leads.


Now there’s no question on how everything related to lead generation depends on information. This includes contact information, information on the authorized decision maker, and information relevant to your industry. In the case of HR software, this would include information regarding the state of their employees. (What would they want to use to hand out payroll and measure working hours? What kind of information would they want their system require their employees to provide?)


Unfortunately, this sort of information might prove difficult to gather continuously through a single (or even several channels) of communication. There’s just so much to cover with just regards to HR alone. Whether you use telemarketing or have been communicating online, sometimes it’s better to clarify everything in one, single meeting.


Make no mistake, the information you get from the lead generation process is still important. It will help narrow down any nasty surprises but to save yourself (and your prospect) from an information overload, an appointment would be better to get all of it summed up. (And with it all summed up, it will hopefully lead into a sale.)


In fact, it doesn’t matter if you either outsource the process or oversee it yourself. It will still be you meeting the client and it’s still all up to you to use the information for that moment. Start setting appointments today and prepare against unexpected expectations.

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