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Your Smaller Software Leads Can Still Spark Great Change

Were you a dreamer when you tried to generate software leads for the first time? If you were, don’t be ashamed. Don’t feel bad either if you felt way in over your head.

On the other hand, don’t let the failure to nab some big name brands keep you from a goal. Just because you’ve only been managing to sell the small stuff doesn’t mean that you haven’t made a big change in your prospect organizations.

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When Your Lead Generation Campaign Bends Original Purposes

Conventional wisdom dictates that it’s never a good sign to see any initiative bending its original purpose. Some call it compromising. Others call it selling out. In any case, something has been violated and it’s supposedly your professional duty to keep these things from happening.

But you know, this is conventional wisdom talking. Can your lead generation campaign bend original purposes without necessarily doing something wrong?

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Where Is the ‘H’ in HR Software Leads?

Consider this a slightly more techie version of asking where the H in HR is nowadays. Granted, there are many companies who want to vouch for the improvements. Things like work-life integration, an increased emphasis on employee satisfaction, and breaking down conventional corporate silos are the new HR agendas.

Is it possible though that HR software vendors could actually be a little left behind on this? Could it be the reason why you’re generating as many HR software leads as you hoped?

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Turning Communities into Software Leads

Businesses are organizations. Organizations have a sense of community. At least, that’s the ideal. Sure you may have the typical 9-5er offices with their disconnected workforce. But even now, there are enterprise gurus who are considering the potential of applying the social element to the system.

This may sound like an innovation but it is in fact an acknowledgement. For every monotone, cubicle corporation, there’s a snazzy open spaced startup that wants to be like Google. Why? Because there will always be people who actually know they’re working with other people.

This though isn’t just advice for organizations struggling with a less than chummy business culture. It’s advice for those who want to seek out those communities in order to generate software leads.

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How Sales Stereotypes Affect Software Lead Generation

The difference between B2B and B2C sales can be staggering. You can tell just by looking at Forbes recent listing of Best and Worst Sales Jobs. It pretty much covers the wide variety of salesman stereotypes all the while hammering most, if not all, harder into public imagination.

Speaking of which though, just why exactly should this matter to those running your software lead generation campaign? Well, while stereotypes aren’t always helpful, they give an initial impression that might subconsciously determine the way they set appointments and qualify your software leads.

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