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Prior to Software Leads, Customers Consult First-Hand

One of the problems I’ve seen in inbound marketing is the occasional lack of real, human interaction. Some might argue that you can actually accomplish this with better content and guided by better analytics.

But that’s precisely the point. There are still plenty of businesses out there who don’t exactly appreciate that. They’d rather crunch numbers to prove why their software leads are qualified instead of at least confirming what was on a prospect’s mind prior to sending the contact form.

It’s almost tragic given that more marketers are calling everyone to humanize their practices as 2015 gets closer and closer.

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Filtering Crank Calls In Inbound Sales Leads

Hopefully, the professional nature of an office phone line is enough to protect it from your neighborhood crank caller. On the other hand, other types of ‘prank calls’ can go through that end up muddling your batch of raw sales leads. What are they and how do you filter them out?

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