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Appointment Setting Tips – Defending Your Costs

Costs are an unavoidable subject in appointment setting. It may not matter how advanced or how much beneficial data your BI software can deliver. If the price tag is a little too high, it might scare off a prospect. On the other hand, perhaps the greatest obstacle are those who are not scared off but are very critical of the pricing.

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Lead Generation Tips – Handling Post-Election Drama

A typical obstacle in lead generation is a relocating prospect. And in the aftermath of the recent election, a spike in relocation promises seem to be a dramatic (if not cliched) response regardless of who really won. Will this spell a major mess in your marketing campaign?

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Appointment Setting Tips – Outsource A Ninja

When you look at appointment setting and then the ninja art of espionage, you would be very surprised at the similarities. Like ninjas, appointment setters gather information and there are times when they need to deliver secret messages to prospects.

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When IT Sales Go AWOL

Soldiers are not the only people you want going AWOL. IT sales professionals, particularly veteran ones, can prove to be just as dangerous to the businesses that previously employed them. In case of such an event, your marketing and lead generation services should immediately start damage control.

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BI Lead Generation – Tapping The Online Market

If your big data application is in need of a new market for BI lead generation, consider online businesses. In this age of digitized retail, more and more stores are moving from street shops to web domains. Though as a result, one can argue that it has only widened the size of their potential customer base which in turn increases the demand for big data tools to help analyze behavior.

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