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IT Sales Tips – Playing The ‘Higher Cause’ Card

Sometimes your IT sales representative get so passionate or so eager for a sale, they are willing to appeal to prospects by claiming they have higher causes. Of course, that would be a good thing but that also depends on whether or not you have such a cause or are you just like any other B2B software firm, looking to cash in on more of those IT sales?

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Blogs For IT Sales Professionals

Information remains to be one of the greatest needs among IT sales professionals when it comes to success. However, there is more the information required than what they have defined as software leads. With the tech industry’s reputation for occasionally being out of touch, you need to make sure your skills in IT sales keep you aware of what prospects truly need and not just what you perceive those needs to be.

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IT Sales Tips – Balance The Confidence In Your Gear

On one hand, IT sales professionals are told that they should exude utmost confidence in order to close a deal. But on the other, many have cautioned the IT industry as a whole to keep the confidence in check and avoid excess glorification of advanced technology.

As classic (if not cliché) as this sounds, your IT sales cannot guarantee that your advanced BI solution is the answer to every single problem they have. Realism will always be in order when it comes to a computer understanding something as humanly complex as, say, social trends.

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Lead Generation – It’s Like A Mission Briefing

The process of lead generation is like a mission that helps start other missions. In your case for example, its objective is to find companies who are suffering from technical software problems. Once you do though, the next step for software lead generation is to call in those who will take part in handling it.

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IT Sales Lead Generation Tips – Dealing With Doomsday Preppers

IT sales professionals are used to a myriad of urgent reasons for why a prospect accepts or rejects their proposal. But out of all them, this takes the cake: the end of the world. Believe it or not, but I’ve had encounters with people like that myself outside of work. Because of that, I know how easily the doomsday mentality can seep into business and affect IT sales by influencing decisions.

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