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IT Sales Tips – How To Take After Your Customer

An important element in IT sales and marketing is targeting. With targeting, you can basically be where your customers are at. And today, with many businesses across both B2C and B2C sectors going online, everyone is scrambling to locate their market on the digital frontier.

Obviously, IT sales professionals should be at the head of this game. They are in the business of tech which is the heart of the whole internet revolution. When it comes to things like social media and internet marketing, you should be in the cyberspace as your customers right?

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Grow IT Sales In Response To Growth In Mobile Usage

With more and more people going mobile, there should be an increase in IT sales. It does not matter if the users themselves fall under the scope of B2B or B2C marketers, both sides of the business world are coming to realize the overall impact of increasing smartphone usage.

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Appointment Setting Tips – Outsource A Ninja

When you look at appointment setting and then the ninja art of espionage, you would be very surprised at the similarities. Like ninjas, appointment setters gather information and there are times when they need to deliver secret messages to prospects.

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When IT Sales Go AWOL

Soldiers are not the only people you want going AWOL. IT sales professionals, particularly veteran ones, can prove to be just as dangerous to the businesses that previously employed them. In case of such an event, your marketing and lead generation services should immediately start damage control.

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