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What’s Next On Your Lead Generation Campaign? Dragons?

For some, Game of Thrones serves as a fantasy author’s take on the world of politics, business, and all the ugly things that underlie them. But for others, it also serves another lesson beyond those: The power of technology.

Now as a software company, some of those working in one might not immediately think that their tool is anything like the dragons of Daenerys Targaryen. But in reality, that’s exactly what your technology could be: A dragon burning its way across the real world’s game of thrones. Your lead generation strategy serves but only one crucial role: The herald.

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Software Lead Generators Must Create Emphatic Experiences

B2B and B2C marketing could be as different as the oceans are from mountains. And yet, why is it that professionals in the former can’t help but envy the latter when it comes to popularity?

A couple years ago, there were only a handful of business-targeted marketing stunts that were worthy of mention (whether it’s Adobe’s usual business intelligence ads or that one Volvo ad featuring Van Damme). And even then, one can argue that these companies still had a sizeable portion of the consumer market to go along with their corporate ventures.

What is it in consumer marketing that popular opinion decrees to be unachievable by lead generators and sales appointment setters?

Could it be empathy?

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Software Appointment Setting Is A New Way to Play Detective

The idea of merging good, old human instinct with new data technology is no longer a new idea. It’s shows that the world of B2B marketing and sales is ready to take the next step towards better practices and processes.

But more specifically, it opens new doors for your software appointment setting strategies. For example, those who use and sell their own CRM technology now have an increased opportunity to understand the right way to combine tools and techniques. EMR vendors can draw from their own experience of using data and compare it to how customers have used the data of patients.

At this point, you might wonder. Why did this take so long? Hasn’t it been very obvious from the dawn of time that man was supposed to work with his tools (not separate them from him)?

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Software Lead Generators Shouldn’t Overestimate Their Power

I may be a marketer but I sometimes feel like the power of marketing can be given too much credit. This doesn’t mean I’m downplaying. But rather, I am pointing out a very serious risk when lead generators are too overconfident about the ‘pull’ they think they have on potential clients.

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Software Sales Leads – Opportunities VS Opportunism

When it comes to marketing and sales, coming off as opportunistic is one way a prospect can hand you a death sentence. And often times, it’s the defining trait of the pushy salesman stereotype (which in turn is still a primary reason for why you don’t generate that many software sales leads).

And yet, why is it that these same sales leads are still regarded as high value opportunities that are worth pursuing? Is it really possible for you to compel a buying decision without necessarily looking like an opportunist?

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