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Want a Lead Generation Strategy for Dealing with Critics? Let them Pay

No, it’s not ‘make them pay.’ It’s ‘let them pay.’ Because if you nobody ever noticed, all critics ever do is actually make claims that counter the claims of your marketers and lead generators. And like you, it takes a lot to maintain their position. Why not structure your lead generation strategy to let them pay that cost instead of silencing them?

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Using Lead Generation Tools to Dismantle Walls of Ideals

A couple days ago, Germany celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall. And currently, many part so the U.S. are celebrating Veterans Day. What do they both have in common?


Whether it’s the patriotism of Veteran’s day or the unity symbolized by the Berlin Wall’s destruction, there is an ideal behind every action. But at the risk of sounding controversial, sometimes the walls are also built by opposing ideals and your lead generation tools are called to bring them down.

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Simplifying Lead Generation Is Like Retelling An Inside Joke

I think it’s obvious that I’m quite the geek and one of the perks of being one is that you understand how a single concept can be told in two different ways to two different audiences (if not more). It’s a really handy skill that can improve a lot of areas in your lead generation campaign. From content to engagement, it can speed up the way a prospect processes information without the overload.

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Does Software Appointment Setting Need Higher Agendas?

In a world where everything seems literally interconnected, there are times when you have to appreciate the different kinds of people there are in the work place. Some people are happy to just have a job, doing what they do just enough to keep it. Others like to see a higher purpose to what they do. It gives them a perspective that focuses on learning how to give more.

You could run into either type during your appointment setting campaign. And while you think you’ve trained your marketers to accept all sorts, sometimes it’s hard to reconcile these two drastically opposite approaches to life in the office. How can you really promise a higher agenda during one sales appointment and then just set that objective aside in another?

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When Chomping Down Software Leads, at Least Learn to Chew!

There are plenty times when the law of the jungle doesn’t just apply to real wildlife. At times it can also apply to business (and not always at its best). I’ve heard cynics say that the world of B2B sales and marketing is still dog-eat-dog. You either get your numbers or get out. You’re either a shark or sharkbait. (And no, I don’t mean little Nemo.)

This kind of attitude usually leaves organizations with the tendency to zero in on software leads and take no prisoners. You get right on to chomping. You leave nothing for your competitors.

But if you’re going to do that, at least learn how to chew.

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