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With Great Software Leads Come Great Responsibility

Since The Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out, I think now is good a time as any to quote: “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

And if your software leads grant great power to your ERP firm, you should know the great responsibility they carry with it.

But since we’re on the topic of superheroes (with Marvel already releasing two films in this month alone), how we take the powers associated with software lead generation and tie them to the responsibility they entrust you as a result.

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Quick Marketing Lessons picked up from World of Warcraft

Trading is not a rare thing in online worlds such as World of Warcraft. Players who wish to level up their characters have long huddled with merchants and NPCs to get whatever they needed. Items range from those needed to survive a major boss to those that’ll score more kills in PvP.

But like any market, there are some rules to be followed in order to avoid any misunderstandings and even theft from other traders. And while these rules are meant only to ensure more enjoyment in the game (and more money from its paying players), such goals are not too far off from the goals of real-world marketing.

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