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Your Smaller Software Leads Can Still Spark Great Change

Were you a dreamer when you tried to generate software leads for the first time? If you were, don’t be ashamed. Don’t feel bad either if you felt way in over your head.

On the other hand, don’t let the failure to nab some big name brands keep you from a goal. Just because you’ve only been managing to sell the small stuff doesn’t mean that you haven’t made a big change in your prospect organizations.

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Are Software Sales Leads Qualified Your Way or the Prospect’s Way?

In B2B relationships, even the most purely contractual ones, a major source of strain is that both parties can’t agree on the solution. This happens when you’re trying to close a sale. It comes back to haunt during the development and deployment stages.

But you know, maybe you should’ve seen it coming even while you were still qualifying your software sales leads. Are you doing things the way the client wants or do you take pride in your own way of identifying potential customers? Either way, the attitude could’ve been an indicator of any future strain in your business relationships.

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Lead Generation Tips – Long-Term Customers Are Like Traditions

Out of all holiday seasons, Christmas is probably the one that has most emphasis on tradition. Whether your reasons are religious or historical, everyone has something special they want to do exclusively to this time of the year.

But you know, there are other aspects to tradition and these aspects have a lot in common with what it means to maintain a long-term business relationship.

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How Can Software Leads Corrode Brand Consistency?

That’s a crazy question, I know. Brand consistency is important, even in B2B marketing. No matter how long your sales process is, people will have an easier time remembering your organization through its brand. How then can something like a constant stream of potential customers possible erode that?

You’d be surprised. More specifically, sometimes too much of a particular type of software leads can in fact lead to brands to muddy up their original brand identity.

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How Nagging Reviews REALLY Reduce Sales Leads

People think that negative feedback can come at the cost of generating more sales leads because of the damage it does to credibility. On the other hand, they say it can also generate more sales leads if you receive it with grace and use the information to improve products, business models, as well the marketing campaign itself.

However, there is a cap to how constructive negative reception can be until it starts to really nag. If you understand where this threshold lies, you’ll know how to balance between taking criticism and telling the critics to just stop.

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