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B2B Marketing Tips – Painting the future is like playing with fireworks

Fireworks are a common display during New Year celebrations but they’re also a common disaster if they’re not handled right. It’s the same when your tech company is trying to paint the future with your marketing campaign.

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Telemarketing Tips – How to Amp Up with Mobile

Today’s business professionals are increasingly relying on tablets or smartphones for organizing work. Large and stationary desktops are no longer convenient for people update their status or check their mails on the go. However, the rise of online mobile isn’t just a trend for mobile enterprise vendors. It also demands innovation for promoting products and engaging prospects in your B2B marketing campaign.

Mobile marketing comes in many forms. You have SMS, app-based, and mobile web design. Since the desk may no longer be the go-to place to talk with your prospect, this channel is your only chance of getting their attention and scoring a call.

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