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Lead Generation Tips – Many Hats But Only One Head

Just because your lead generation strategy can wear many hats doesn’t mean the components can be easily separated. Now in principle, it’s good to have a lot of ears in a lot of places because you never know what your customers are saying about you.

However, you’ve still only got one brain to process all the sounds. How do you shift through noise when it fact the noise alone still comprises of all information you need to create sales? Likewise, how do you address a prospect who comes through your website while entertaining a prospect you just tapped after a successful telemarketing call?

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ERP Lead Qualification: An Offshored Summer Job?

I have a love-hate relationship with offshoring’s political/social associations. On the one hand, I’m guilty of laughing every time Russell Peters makes a crack about Indians. On the other hand, I get a little irked when someone says offshoring takes away jobs just so companies could give summer ones to Third World hicks.

Not only is that kind of talk borderline racist, it’s not a very accurate picture of BPO countries in the developing world. Qualifying an ERP lead isn’t exactly summer job fare. Furthermore, a difference in seasons is hardly good enough reason to believe it’s good to outsource during some parts of the year and not in another. (This sounds contrary to reports saying that companies are planning to further expand their outsourcing.)

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Don’t Beat Money Out of Lead Generation Companies

It sounds a little extreme but some outsourcing relationships can reach that point. Like any other business, lead generation companies are held accountable for delivering what they promised. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean you have to get bullish when it seems like they’re failing to deliver.

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Lead Generation Companies and Global Standards of Living

What do these two have in common? Well if you’ve ever outsourced your lead generation process offshore, it wouldn’t be surprising if global standards of living had to do with an outsourced company’s wages and labor practices.

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