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HR Leads – Beware If A Prospect Company Is Experiencing Internal Friction

Telemarketing ServicesBefore you read on, this is the definition of ‘friction’ according to a blog from the Harvard Business Review. In here, you will also find explanations as to why you need to be careful when pursuing the HR department for offering software solutions specific to its function.


“Friction is anything that makes it more difficult for people in critical roles to win with the customer. Flow, on the other hand, is doing everything possible to remove barriers and promote better performance. The question applies to virtually any company in any business and it will take you farther down the road faster than the hazy, abstract injunction to become a strategic partner.”


Now read that last phrase, just what does it mean when it says HR needs to be a ‘strategic partner’? Well that’s because, according to this blog, HR leaders aren’t always in tune with the overall action plan. So what does this mean for you as a vendor of recruitment and payroll software? It might mean that while your attempts to sell might be well-received, it doesn’t mean the rest of the organization will follow.


Granted, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go straight to HR. Contacting that department still should be your first order of business when you’re qualifying other companies for B2B sales leads. It just simply means that you have to be on your toes when it turns out that your target HR department is experiencing friction with the rest of its organization.


Diving right in without fully grasping the situation could land you right in the middle of internal politicking. That’s a conflict you don’t want to get caught up in when you don’t even have much of a strong relationship with that company in the first place. Establishing ties in the following manner should be your top priority:


  • Contact HR – First, you need to know the proper contact details and the right decision maker in charge of the department. And by ‘right decision maker’, don’t just stop at titles and identify who is really calling the shots.
  • See things from different perspectives – Second, you must ask about why there is friction. After asking about it and hearing the story from the point-of-view of HR, try making calls to other departments involved and see their side of the story. Doing so will give you the different pieces you need to form the whole picture.
  • Offer a supportive solution – Finally, go back to HR and show a software solution that can help HR resolve this conflict as well as help it contribute more to the company’s overall strategy.


It may look time consuming at first. In fact, that last step is highly likely to warrant software appointment setting just so you can have enough time to talk and find the right meeting place to present your solution. However, you should always remember that you’re only targeting one part of a whole business entity. If that particular part is causing friction, then you should think twice before diving into the fray. Try to see a more complete picture of the problem and offer a relevant software solution to HR that can help ease the tension.

How To Integrate Telemarketing With Other B2B Lead Generation Methods – #4: Banner Advertising

B2B Lead GenerationOut of all the lead generation tools people discuss, banner ads are either overrated or underrated when it’s time to compare. When they’re compared to telemarketing, for instance, some tend to make the mistake of saying that banner ads give more exposure to a business compared to older marketing tools.


What they don’t realize is that banner advertising is heavily reliant on website marketing. These ads don’t work by themselves. There are so many limitations in terms of physical dimensions. Furthermore, advertising itself is no longer as effective now as it was back then. The internet has allowed more information to disseminate so that those on the receiving end of advertising are more knowledgeable about what is being marketed to them. The limitations of advertising certainly undermines its value for marketing ERP software.


The people who will represent your ERP leads are the type who will not just need information. They will demand it. An enterprise software solution isn’t just some application you can install on your desktop PC. It’s a large, complex system that could take months to implement for an entire company.


Ironically, despite their need for more product information, these are the same busy business professionals who don’t have a lot of time to obtain that information. And speaking of time, banner ads are indeed not the best to use when you’re trying to get their attention. Mashable once published a top ten list of “Most Clickable Banner Ads”. Despite how impressive (and even touching) they are, these same ads are filled with mini-games and other quirks that you can’t exactly imagine a busy CEO spending his or her time on.


Setting that aside, the purpose of a banner ad is to take you somewhere else on the internet and in most cases it’s a website. If you can’t rely on time-wasting bells and whistles, your ads must at least get themselves clicked while your website keeps the prospects hooked.


However, why then only a website? Why can’t a banner ad simply display your number or your email address? Well, that is where people tend to underrate it. But first, the primary reason why people prefer a website is because scammers often operate in a similar fashion when it comes to banners displaying contact numbers or email addresses. Again, the problem with banners is their incapacity to display more information. So instead, you should have them redirect your prospects to a space where you have more room to explain who you are and what you do.


Guess what though? Websites have limitations when it comes to information as well. You can’t expect a decision maker to spend so much time reading your content. This is where you can integrate additional lead generation tools like telemarketing. This even works with outsourced telemarketing! You provide the website and the ads while your outsourced call center will simply take the calls and qualify the prospects for you.


Banner advertising is, in fact, well-suited for addressing the flaws of outbound marketing efforts by replacing more aggressive tactics (e.g. cold calling). Instead of using random calls, you simply use ads in the right places to attract interested prospects and then throw in more traditional tools. Don’t overestimate these online banners but don’t underestimate them either!

How To Integrate Telemarketing With Other B2B Lead Generation Methods – #2 Website

Software Lead Generation

In the world of telemarketing, there will always be the occasional clash with online marketing advocates. No doubt the developments in IT and communications have really broadened the capacity of businesses to engage their market. However, trying to pit the old against the new is to set yourself up for false dilemmas and narrow your perspective. Aside from the usual debates of email marketing versus telemarketing, you also have those who say website marketing is a better, newer, and less disruptive approach.


Below is list of common reasons (with one particularly exclusive to B2B software):


  • It’s inbound-oriented – The reason why it’s not disruptive is that you’re using the internet to broadcast your company’s image, gain massive exposure, and attract potential clients to your business instead of your people going into their inboxes or telephones.
  • Being searched already marks interest – A site that is well-optimized with the right use of keywords will show up when people search. And when people search, it means that they’re really in the market for your product. That alone already indicates a good chance that they’ll take interest in your ERP software.
  • Websites work well with online-based services – This applies really well to those who have decided to offer B2B software systems in the cloud. The very nature of your service automatically demands that your site has a strong online presence.
  • It’s offers a clearer way to educate your audience – Online content is supposed to be informative. And thus, a business site obviously must inform your client on the basics of what you’re offering.


There’s no doubt that those are some impressive advantages over telemarketing. The latter has long been decried as disruptive, persistent, and conversations can be too short to be as informative. On the other hand, website marketing is not without weaknesses either (with these same weaknesses stemming directly from their strengths). Like all inbound-type approaches, there’s always a danger of inactivity when there’s not a lot of people giving your site attention. The task of SEO is also not without its own challenges because your site is just one of the hundreds of others out there competing for search engine rankings. Some people would also prefer just talking to you directly than interacting with a website (even if you are an online service). Furthermore, interacting with a website itself can waste your prospect’s precious time. A decision maker has more important things that they’d rather do than read pages upon pages of content.


Just like email though, telemarketing can be used together with websites to overcome those obstacles. Phone calls may be too short but it can help in calling the attention of your prospects to your website when SEO is not working too well. Opening yourself to phone inquires allows you to be flexible towards the many possible preferences your incoming prospects might have. Finally, websites need not bombard the prospect with too much information but giving them the option to call allows that call to give them that information at their own pace. In the end, it might even set you up for successful appointment setting. Again, software lead generation need not be limited to just one approach. Improve both methods by integrating them together!

Medical Leads – A Brief Recap On The Importance Of Data

Medical Leads

It’s common sense really. The more knowledge and information you have, there is less uncertainty, and with less uncertainty, you have lesser risks. Unfortunately, there will always be some people who treat risks a bit too much of a good thing.


They might have a different opinion though with regards to healthcare. In this field, risks can be hazardous to your health, literally. Hence, data is critical so that knowledge and information is used to minimize those risks. However, what about other types of data regarding the healthcare institutions themselves? Are these of any value to anyone within the healthcare industry?

They do you if you’re a supplier of medical software and technology.


See, the services and products that you provide all center around the task of handling information; information that needs to be recorded accurately and quickly. Hence, this is why you should never forget how important information is. The things your systems and tools deliver could save lives or end them. It all depends on how your data can minimize risks and improve the quality of services.


Another important role that data plays however is in the process of software lead generation. As you’re well aware, you’re not the type to hawk your product like an infomercial salesman would hawk a new appliance. You need to learn about not just how your software takes in patient data and other forms of clinical information, you also need to know about the institution that’s accommodating them.


Here are severals reasons why data is needed and the risks that they minimize:


  • Budget – Not all institutions can afford but it helps to at least know so both you and the prospect can find ways to make things affordable.
  • Schedule – Life in a hospital is always busy and never without emergency. Implementing the system needs to be strategically planned so as to not disrupt daily functions.
  • Needs – You can’t just approach every potential client with the same list of features. You have to find out specific needs and offer specific solutions.
  • Contact information – There are actually laws that inflict severe penalties upon those who dial the wrong number when contacting a hospital. Emergency numbers are just one of them.
  • Pesons-in-charge – It always pays to make sure to know who runs the place and is in charge making decisions that involve software implementation.



As stated before, you can see it’s not just patient information that you need to concern yourself with handling. It’s also information about the people taking care of them and knowing how your software can help speed up certain processes and cut down on the risks. Speaking of risks, the above types of information also minimizes the risk of making bad calls and pursuing dead leads. Such things are a precious waste of time after all. There is also the ever present issue of security. You’ll be handling very sensitive information so you’ll need to know what they’ll do to make sure your system keeps it safe.


Finally, what’s fortunate is that you don’t necessarily have to expend so much in gathering data on institutions as your software would have gather on patients. The former can simply be outsourced to lead generation companies with the information they deliver ready for you to act upon and close.

Providing Medical Software Solutions With Software Appointment Setting

Despite the differences between patients and institutions, they are analyzed with the exact same question in mind: Is there something wrong?


On the other hand, what is it that any good doctor does before making a prescription? They do tests, analyze, and make conclusions. They rely on the information provided to them by their tools and methods. If a patient can’t give that information, they can’t make that conclusion. If they can’t make that conclusion, they can’t prescribe a solution.


This same logic applies to you if you were a medical software provider. If you don’t know enough about who you want to supply to, then you don’t know what you can do for them. That’s why medical leads are so important. It’s not just about doing business. It’s about finding out if they have issues that need dealing with. This could issues with their equipment, EMR system, etc. You don’t even need to mention the many laws countries have with regards to the quality of these tools. Whether one likes it or not, it will affect the quality of their healthcare (and to an extent, their standards of living).


These leads though won’t be enough either unless you make the most out of them like setting an appointment. Even if you use something like outsourced telemarketing to save you the time, money, and personnel in contacting prospects, you’ll have to analyze all the information that was gathered and meet with them. On the other hand, that’s all the more reason to get that information so you immediately offer the right software solution.

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