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Where Is the ‘H’ in HR Software Leads?

Consider this a slightly more techie version of asking where the H in HR is nowadays. Granted, there are many companies who want to vouch for the improvements. Things like work-life integration, an increased emphasis on employee satisfaction, and breaking down conventional corporate silos are the new HR agendas.

Is it possible though that HR software vendors could actually be a little left behind on this? Could it be the reason why you’re generating as many HR software leads as you hoped?

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Privacy and Lead Generation – You Are Never Alone

When it comes to looking forward to new technology, a debate about liberty and personal privacy will never be far behind. You know it just really amazes me how often the same articles raise up the same new future innovations. All the while, they carry the dark prophetic tone of ‘dystopia.’

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sincerely impressed by the possibility of biotechnological cures and implantables being the next step after the wearable craze. But when you throw in that Orwellian subtext, it’s often the same old objections that (oddly enough) constrict your lead generation campaign.

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Software Leads and Promises of Superpowers

It used to be that only activists (and the occasional paranoid) made a big deal about how much information gets stored and accessed online.

But now, with all the news you get about advancing big data technology and cloud-computing, the Orwellian nightmare might just hit closer to reality.

The really sucky part though is when that nightmare casts tech companies like yours as sinister profiteers who promise the all-knowing superpower of data to win top-dollar software leads.

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ERP Lead – The Real Price of Being One

One of marketing’s best tricks is finding other ways to charge a customer. On the other hand, critics find this underhanded and even consider them a violation of their rights.

Social media is becoming the classic case of charging users something instead of their money. The amount of information they demand in exchange for a free account often raises the alarm of many privacy advocates. What you should be careful about though is that Facebook’s tactic is fairly common among ERP software vendors. In exchange for a free white paper or a free trial, you get information that can identify possible leads. What happens when critics pose the same question? Is that information a fair price for what you give to potential clients?

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B2B Lead Generation – When Privacy becomes a Price

In the tech sector, privacy has long been a major issue (especially after the recent NSA scandal). It’s been an issue ever since the dawn of the Information Age. Just how much should you put out without risking your personal space? On the other hand, B2B marketers end up asking this question in reverse. How little can you put out without risking less exposure?

Either case is something you need to take seriously because otherwise you might have a hard time getting customers and getting a sale.

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