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How Nagging Reviews REALLY Reduce Sales Leads

People think that negative feedback can come at the cost of generating more sales leads because of the damage it does to credibility. On the other hand, they say it can also generate more sales leads if you receive it with grace and use the information to improve products, business models, as well the marketing campaign itself.

However, there is a cap to how constructive negative reception can be until it starts to really nag. If you understand where this threshold lies, you’ll know how to balance between taking criticism and telling the critics to just stop.

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How To Treat Big Brand ERP Leads

Suppose your lead generation process is like a simple craftsman’s shop. Potential customers see its windows and you, the owner, represent the lead generation process as you address anyone who finally manages enter the door. So far, business has been good. You’ve had a good number of ERP leads for the day.

Suddenly, another one comes in. This one is different? You want to know how? Everyone’s starting at them with a loss for words. Is it a lord? Is it a king?

No, it’s a big brand! Think Apple, Facebook, or even Google itself! They’re in your shop, in your lead generation process, and they could be a potential customer. It’s so sudden, so shocking. It’s almost impossible!

But then again, it isn’t. Unfortunately, the lack of belief is exactly why some ERP companies feel unprepared to pitch themselves when an industry giant miraculously winds up at their own doorstep.

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Big Stunts and B2B Marketing – Part 2

In the previous installment, you’ve seen how ad indirectly communicate and engage an audience by means of either novel or aggressive impressions. Now you’ll be taking a look at more direct marketing examples and how their respective companies handled the crowd.

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Lead Nurturing Can Be One Long Video Game – Part 2

Last time, you were shown several reasons why that even after a big marketing win, the game’s not over.

In this second half though, you will learn that perhaps the biggest reason is that there’s still a community out there for you to explore.

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Getting Software Leads Based On The Core Of Your Software

If you are in manufacturing, you should take time to appreciate the core component of things. It might give you an idea for your software leads. See, when you understand how the most basic components wind up inside a wide variety of tools or used in different kinds of processes, you might realize that you could generate more software leads than you currently are.

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