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How to Lose Software Leads by Pushing Critics Towards Your Competitors

Okay say you’re a small company. You’ve been like that for a long time. You don’t get a lot of software leads but at least you get enough to keep your business sustainable.

Overshadowing you is a larger player whose got bigger plans, bigger market shares, and making bigger moves to the point that you feel like a hotdog stand right across a McDonald’s.

A situation like that just seems so one-sided, you can’t possibly win right? What do you do?

Well, here’s what you don’t do: Push naysayers towards your competition.

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Software Leads for Your Dynamite Rabbit

If you’ve watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of the killer rabbit. Formally known as the Rabbit of Caerbannog, it’s a top pop culture symbol for cute and deadly. But you know, have you ever thought that your enterprise software could also come off as a killer rabbit? Exactly how would this concept help you generate more software leads?

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Acquiring Software Leads from the Black Information Market

When you generate software leads online, you have black hat methods and then you have information straight from the black market. Are they intertwined? Is there a difference? What is the price you pay when dabbling too deep in the underground of today’s information industry?

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Software Lead Generation Tips – Don’t Always Count on the Obvious

The best inbound lead generation strategies aren’t the ones that leave you cozily waiting for the next prospect to read up on you and eager to learn more.

They’re the ones that have you constantly working on thought leadership, increasing your industry knowledge, and being your software firm’s own PR representative in your own right. You rely on prospects to know the obvious answer: You.

Although, sometimes a prospect can’t even bother themselves to read up. Don’t presume they’re lazy. It could also be because you’re relying on the obvious far too much.

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Is Software Lead Generation akin to Smuggling?

The idea of installing something without even a nod of approval from your local IT department is taking root in a lot of companies. And while you can pray that such departments should start adapting, there are still some cases when software lead generation feels akin to smuggling. The person taking interest in your software or downloading a trial isn’t anyone affiliated with the IT department but they’d rather trust you because said department just wouldn’t allow it! What’s a marketer to do? What should sales say? Is it really all right to leave the IT people out of the equation and sneak the product in?

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