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Is There An Ultimate Undo Button for ERP Lead Generation?

The new movie X-Men: Days of Future Past gives a unique take on what is otherwise a classic case of using the ultimate undo button. But while many regard time traveling to be nigh impossible, it’s nice to think that it would let you reverse your biggest mistakes.

And in the field of B2B marketing and lead generation, mistakes like that can be both plenty and painful. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to put up with all the failed product launches, bad press, and endless customer complaints?

Perhaps the real good news is that you don’t need a time machine of any sort to achieve that.

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Lessons on Rebranding from Dell

You may not be a stock market junkie but business tech vendors might want to pay a little more attention to the recent shareholder drama that’s been happening at Dell. Long story short, two parties are making crazy bids for the company with one of them planning to make it private.

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