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Generating Software Leads Despite the High Price of Your High-End Tech

It’s said that technology never ceases to amaze. However, nobody ever really talks about how the latest piece of tech still winds up topping the charts in terms of expense.

Sure, you could say that compared to previous generations, today’s technology is cheaper compared to the labor costs of old business processes and their respective systems. Even so, it’s still not the age where a minimum wage worker can afford the latest iPhone. All the latest and greatest tech infrastructures are still likely to be expensive. It’s not going to be easy marketing these products if a large percentage of your target audience is still not yet ready budget-wise.

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What Your Sales Leads Won’t Tell Your Systems

It shouldn’t be ironic for a software company to go beyond what a system tells them about human beings. I’d actually think it’d give technophobes the proverbial sock in the presumptive jaw. Imagine: a CRM company actually telling its users to use tried-and-true salesmanship practices instead of counting on a machine to do the job for them.

What really seals the deal for this approach, however, is that you actually practice what you preach. You look for more information on your sales leads beyond what your systems can learn about them.

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Your Software Leads Could Be Right Across the Street

When it comes to romantic relationships, there are plenty who are foregoing the tired, old wait for Mr./Ms. Right. They want to take things into their own hands and hate the idea that the one they’re looking for being right under their noses.

You know what gets me? It’s the fact that you don’t apply this sort of thinking when it comes to B2B sales and generating software leads.

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What Can Lead Generators Do With a Script?

Whether it’s customer service or traditional, B2B telemarketing, nobody likes to go by the script these days. But put in another way, has the script totally lost any redeeming quality? If reading off the words of a script comes off as monotonous and robotic, what good is a script for? Should B2B lead generators start weaning off of it as early as the first day of a campaign?

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Software Lead Generation and Software Dependency

In age full of smartphones, social media, constant connection, and big data, there’s always that one voice from the past who insists on ‘the old-fashioned way.’ These are the folks who see dependence on technology as a form of weakness and incapacity to ask the ‘hard questions.’

Adding to the irony is that marketing these same, high-end business software tools invokes similar dependency. Much of today’s successful marketing seems defined by how big a mark you make on the web: LinkedIn, thought leadership, strong data etc. It’s easy to see that there’s less of showing the actual, objective value of your technology and more on just getting that hype train up and running.

How can your lead generation strategy strike the balance between a top quality product and marketing it so that it doesn’t fall into obscurity?

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