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Some Important Requirements in Telemarketing Software Leads

Some people are skeptical of the cost effectiveness of certain types of telemarketing especially in introducing Software Leads, and many B2B marketers feel it is most appropriate to dealings with existing prospects. But those who close their minds to wider opportunities risk missing out. Continue reading

Using Telemarketing As Part of the Egg Hunt

When you look at your typical Easter egg hunt, you’ve probably seen at least several areas that can be applied to marketing. You have the eggs, the prizes, and seasonal appeal. When you think about it, all of these applications sound very familiar when you’ve heard of gamification as a marketing strategy.

Although, can you really fit in something as strictly B2B as telemarketing? Here are a few ways to do it without coming off as awkward.

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B2B Sales Leads: Information First

The basic definition of lead generation has always simply been the attempt to generate interest in a product or service. It’s not that surprising then that advertising can fall under this definition. However, at times it pays to remember that there are many reasons for generating leads just as there many ways to go about it.


Now first things first, let’s look at advertising. The simple goal of advertising is to draw people’s attention to a product in the hopes that it might attract those in need to come closer correct? In this method, the interest generated is already an automatic guarantee provided that the ads are placed or broadcast reach the intended audience.


However, this may not necessarily work for products that target a far too specialized type of prospect. This is usually the case of B2B products like, for instance, Business Intelligence software. Frankly, there’s only one kind of person who would benefit greatly from a computer application that lets them monitor their vast company in its entirety: a CEO.


Obviously these people aren’t the type to just pay attention to a billboard or a news advertisement. You need something more personal and direct. In order for a direct approach to work though, you need to first gather information to be sure they might take interest in what you have.


Usually a simple and polite phone call is the most professional way you can confirm such information which is why suppliers of BI software are often suggested to try software telemarketing.


Using telemarketing for B2B lead generation is a rising trend these days because of the way they harness their communication skills to talk to target prospects. If you know someone who might benefit more from an information-based lead generation strategy, why not tell them about it?

B2B Lead Generation And Specializing For An Industry

When your SCM software company has just started out, you shouldn’t be disappointed if you learn that your product can still to be too generalized and doesn’t appeal to a lot of people. However, this is where specializing your products logically comes in. You see it all the time even in the B2C sector of the market. Take the Magic 8-Ball. In case you haven’t heard, there’s in fact another variation called the Date Ball. However, when you look at it, you realize they just simply changed the words to make it sound more befitting for those with the word ‘dating’ in mind.


The same can be said of you. The only difference is the amount of research you need to dedicate prior to specializing. Unlike with consumer products like the Date Ball, the amount of information you need to specialize a B2B product like the Supply Chain Management software requires more accuracy. Even if you already got your own list of prospects with a common industry, each industry still has specific individual needs that your target decision makers would prefer you address. This makes you and your product relevant to them. Despite the similarities just drawn, this is where you need to stop and remember the difference between B2B and B2C marketing.


There are many lead generation methods though that are perfect for that. An example would be telemarketing because when compared to emails or websites, a telephone call is more personal but at the same time faster and more direct when it comes to getting relevant answers. Furthermore, if you’re afraid of investing too much in costs and risking too much on inexperience, all you need to do is outsource to a reputable software telemarketing group.

The Difference Between Scammers And Authentic Lead Generation Companies

It seems like it can be so easy to get scammed these days. Be it falling for a telemarketing scam or accidentally clicking the infectious links on a spam email, newbies to either forms can be easy prey. However, they’re not the only ones who suffer from the activities of scammers.


They also hurt those who use these same methods for genuinely honest (and legal) means like lead generation. The B2B side of the market is definitely one area where these methods still see plenty of use and it doesn’t help when scammers are causing people to distrust something as innocent as an inquiring call.


Of course there’s no proving that such an innocent call is really innocent either but it would certainly help to know that the differences between, let’s say, professional telemarketers and telephone scammers can be quite glaring.


For one thing, scammers are more likely to make outrageous promises and proclamations to the ones receiving them (be it via email or telephone). Usually it would be something unbelievable like they have some miracle way to reduce your daily expenses or that you won a billion dollars. Then, there’s the ever present red flag of asking very sensitive information from the get-go.


Professionals on the other hand, don’t ask for that kind of information. It’s not only illegal but also irrelevant. Those in B2B software telemarketing, for example, are more likely to ask a person about the current state of their company’s HR (assuming the receiver is in any position for them to call in the first place). With that said, it actually sounds like something that could benefit you if you run a B2B outfit of your own. Why not outsource to them? You’ll confirm they’re not scammers and at the same time improve your own business!

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