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Software Lead Generation Tips – Give Free Time or More Productivity?

Free time and productivity. These are often the two things business software firms promise their customers. But oddly enough, you don’t often see them pitching one alongside the other. At best, you can learn about how free time can be opportunities to be more productive. At worst, you can get into a small debate about whether free time is more or less valuable than current productivity.

This is a big deal because summer is usually the time of year when you’re stuck in the office but your mind’s shifting to vacation mode. To make matters worse, maybe several of both prospects and key sales reps have already gone ahead and booked a few days leave. So what do you pitch in your new software lead generation strategy? More free time or more productivity?

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Why Black Friday Could Be Bad Timing for B2B Marketers

Bad timing is bad no matter what time of year it is. Though when it comes to the Black Friday weekend, even the days leading up to it can be a hazard for B2B marketers.

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