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Software Providers Must Learn These Microsoft Qualities

Most organizations struggle to show how their investment in software supports business goals. Countless complex vendor agreements, an inability to manage software through the entire lifecycle, limited skills and resources to deploy and manage software all contribute to the challenge of measuring ROI and demonstrating business value. Continue reading

Some Important Requirements in Telemarketing Software Leads

Some people are skeptical of the cost effectiveness of certain types of telemarketing especially in introducing Software Leads, and many B2B marketers feel it is most appropriate to dealings with existing prospects. But those who close their minds to wider opportunities risk missing out. Continue reading

Today’s Lead Generation Process Should Create Demand

Basic lessons on B2B marketing often have people differentiating demand generation from lead generation? Sometimes though, I’m really not sure how helpful the distinction is outside of knowing how to manage all your activities.

software lead generation

However, it’s only fair to point out the most obvious difference between the two:

  • Demand generation – Marketing materials. Advertising. Any activity built towards creating mass awareness of your products/services.
  • Lead generation – Individual processing. Prospects are spoken to one-on-one and their interest is individually nurtured through constant engagement.

It looks simple enough at first glance. The thing is, reality is no longer paying much attention to the distinction. Given the rise of both content as well as multi-channel tracking in terms of importance, combining both processes seems to make more sense.

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Using Telemarketing As Part of the Egg Hunt

When you look at your typical Easter egg hunt, you’ve probably seen at least several areas that can be applied to marketing. You have the eggs, the prizes, and seasonal appeal. When you think about it, all of these applications sound very familiar when you’ve heard of gamification as a marketing strategy.

Although, can you really fit in something as strictly B2B as telemarketing? Here are a few ways to do it without coming off as awkward.

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Booth Babes in Modern B2B Marketing

When you’re talking the tech industry, you usually think of trending science, gadgets, innovations but rarely do you consider the fact that it’s male dominated. And because of that, it’s still no surprise that technology is just like any other guy thing that it needs girls to advertise it.

Booth babes have been a long-standing marketing trick in the tech advertiser’s handbook. But naturally, it didn’t take long for it to be criticized as obstructive and demeaning (just like anything that uses feminine appeal to attract a male-oriented product). Of course, a good deal of the criticism is legit (such as their distraction from the technology as well as their questionable ROI).

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