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Lead Generation Services – Bait With Outbound, Reel With Inbound

Contrary to their popular image of tanning themselves in yachts or beside pools, business executives are busy people. Know someone who thinks that they just sit at a desk all day? Tell them to think again. In fact, if you’re running a company that supplies things like project management or business intelligence software, you may have already had first-hand experience of what these people face.


Another interesting fact is that this also makes them very hard to reach and qualify for software leads. They’re so busy handling so many departments and keeping track of where their companies are headed that only those with a strong need for better software are likely to respond.


Some people actually suggest giving them a phone call. Granted, it does get their attention. However, is it the right kind of attention? The thing is, they hire gatekeepers for a reason. You’re going to have to get past him or her before you can actually talk to the executive in question. What’s really bad though is that these people are good at what they do.


Still, what’s interesting is that certain telemarketing companies have also devised a way to test the waters as it were by combining telemarketing with the newer techniques involving emails.


Think of the emails as bait. Executives who are strongly in need are likely to see the email and become curious. However, too much information can waste a lot of their precious time. You need grant them control of the pace, just like you have to know when and when not to reel so as the biting fish won’t get away. That’s where the actual telemarketing comes in.
However, why not seek out companies with this strategy and see a clearer picture of how it works?

Generate ERP Leads, Convert Information Into Sales!

The B2B market just cannot be compared to the B2C one. For one thing, there are vast differences in not just targets but also on the information on said targets as well as the methods to obtain that information. In B2C, things like demographics, culture, and other sociological factors are considered. However, such an approach can be too general for B2B.


ERP software is one such industry where you need to keep such a distinction in mind when pursuing your ERP leads. Unlike consumers who are studied in large groups, each individual lead is an entire group by itself. However, they’re not just any group. They are group that works together because they are in fact another business of their own. Hence, why it’s called B2B, business-to-business.


Information can be vital in the long process between contacting prospect and finally making a sale out of them. You need to research the needs of each individual company and it’ll take more than a few emails and a google search to do that. This is often the reason why telemarketing companies is suggested for the task. A telephone call can be more direct and flexible to suit the comfort of each individual prospect that you contact.


No matter how many critics cite laws, statistics, and even their own experience dealing with bad telemarketing, they’re more often than not more relevant to the B2C side anyways. On the other hand, B2B telemarketing services aren’t always about selling. Outsourcing their communication skills could be the only thing that can get you the information you require to establish the needs of a prospect and get them to give you that sale.

How To Naturalize Cold Calling

The biggest turn off that cold calling has brought upon the whole of the telemarketing practice is its random and unnatural way of communicating with people. For individual consumers who value the privacy and peace of their homes, these things are one of the biggest violations of their personal rights. It is their expectation that a telephone is meant only for more casual conversations between friends and family. Calls related to anything that is business-related is better left being received at the office.


Speaking of which however, wouldn’t that mean that telemarketing can still find some purpose in that regard? Actually, that is exactly it and it is why telemarketing companies nowadays have decided to put more focus into getting leads for B2B companies (for example, suppliers of ERP software, CRM applications, and HR programs are all completely B2B-focused).


However, this begs the question. What is it in the office environment that makes unexpected marketing calls more tolerable or natural even? Well obviously it’s because the average CEO is always taking calls like that by the dozen each day (at the least). In the business world, transactions, discussions, and inquiries between two businesses are natural and more expected (even if one side never expected a particular type of call). The type of dedicated research that every veteran telemarketer puts into before contacting a potential lead makes sure that they know exactly why a particular firm needs what you have.


This natural expectation should definitely make outsourcing to telemarketers less of a burden on your conscience. Therefore, don’t be afraid of doing only what is natural in the business world. Contact a telemarketer right now so that you don’t deny your business the B2B leads that it needs.

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