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Outsourcing For ERP Leads – Get Lessons On Timing For Time Zones

Targeting foreign decision makers for ERP leads can take your B2B software international. Hence, it’s a really bold move on your part. There are plenty of challenges to face like language and culture. However, perhaps the most noticeably inconvenient obstacle is the one posed by time zone.


Normally, this age of internet technology should have enabled faster communications between businesses. However, it has yet to eliminate the problem of two parties just being on opposing sides of the planet (and it’s doubtful that it ever will). This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try email when contacting your prospects. It just simply means you need to learn how to time it right and use the appropriate methods.


Now one issue you have to face is that when you send your email, there’s a good chance that you’ll be fast asleep before your target decision maker even enters their office building (such as if you’re targeting companies based in Singapore). That leaves plenty of time for all sorts of problems to occur. Your message could hit the spam filter. It could end drowned under other marketing emails. This is why timing is key.


Mastering the proper timing though takes time, time you may not necessarily afford. However, if you outsource, you can learn all about what it takes to not only time emails but also telemarketing calls for a faster qualification phase. Naturally, you’ll have to outsource companies who specialize in targeting the same countries you are (such as one of those lead generation firms currently telemarketing in Singapore). These are usually very transparent with their process (which is why it’s a very cost-efficient way to learn about proper timing).

Telemarketing In Singapore – Lion City Appointments

B2B products and services like ERP software need appointments because you’re talking about a technology that encompasses the large and complicated processes of enterprise management. This isn’t something you can advertise because advertising demands oversimplification. To insist on advertising this type of software product, in any shape or form, only risks overloading your client with too much information. Thus, your lead generation campaigns need the additional service of software appointment setting.


Not all decision makers are IT or software engineering experts. Sometimes you just need to tell them what it is your software can do for them. However, you can’t do that (even if you’re already in a meeting room with them) unless you know what their needs are.


This is important in an age where software technology makes itself more available via an ever expanding internet. It gives the advantage of marketing to the whole world.


Take Singapore for instance, a common business destination for many software companies. You can’t warrant your company a business trip there though unless you give some decision makers in that area a good reason to talk about what you can give them.


This is where telemarketing comes in. Along with precision, there are plenty of telemarketing services out there who also offer appointment setting because they know how meetings are inevitable when discussing something as heavy as a software implementation plan.


Do take note that this shouldn’t be confused with advertising. As stated before, advertising oversimplifies things in the hopes of inciting a sale. Telemarketing for appointments on the other hand does not hope for a sale and the simplification is purely for information gathering purposes. If you want info for Singapore appointments, then start outsourcing to a company which lists that country among its targets.

Be Wary With B2B Lead Generation In Rising Economies

If you’ve ever been to Singapore, you now have a good idea of what a rising start country is like. The cities are bustling. Skyscrapers and malls are as plenty as they are full of workers and shoppers alike. It’s in countries like this that many B2B software companies find a good place to get an international foothold. Rising economies mean rising businesses and rising businesses mean more decision makers for possible clients!


However, being too eager to start generating software leads in this Asian Tiger comes with risks of carelessness. How are you planning on contacting them? Are you seriously going to challenge the expenses of sending someone over there? How long do you think it would take?


You see despite the profit potential of rising economies, if you can’t even overcome the basic obstacles of location, language, culture, as well as time period, then you won’t be able benefit a single cent. In fact, you’re more likely to lose more than you would’ve gained if you don’t pay attention to the costs.


If you’re looking to play it safe, try using telemarketing or better yet, outsource to a company that does telemarketing in Singapore. When you’re a telemarketing firm, you focus all your expenses to the quality of your lead generation services. They don’t have to worry about the quality of anything else because that’s what their client companies (like your own business) do best. Start outsourcing those software telemarketers today and you’ll instantly penetrate the markets of any country’s rising economy.

Setting Software Appointments Needs Precision Data

For ERP software, or just software in general, data is everything. The same is true for a telemarketing firm. If you’re looking to outsource to one, a company that uses this as a selling point definitely knows how critical this is in the practice. It will also tell you that you’re looking at an expert.

There are just too many reasons why a telemarketer should maintain its business database. When trying to generate a quality telemarketing lead, they need to know the type of people who need the products they’re offering for you. It also helps their clients keep up with the competition. A list of leads that turns out to have lots of outdated information is going to dry out real soon (if it wasn’t dry enough to begin with). Obviously, a telemarketer that keeps producing lists like that isn’t going to last very long.

It also saves them a good deal of cold-calling because a company with a large database no longer has to worry about calling people who have no absolutely no need for the services being offered. Even when these people don’t expect a call, they’ll have a hard time rejecting someone who is aware of a problem they have and can offer a solution. Remember, cold-calling is the very method which turns people off from telemarketing. (This goes for both those who think of trying it out and to people receiving telemarketing calls.) If you’re targeting beyond national borders (like if your outsourced company is telemarketing in Singapore), good data might even tell you how to communicate with those preferring to speak a different language.

If you can access data that lets you know your target company’s problems, you can easily present yourself as a someone who noticed those problems and would just want to help. By getting a telemarketer with such precise data, any sort of cold-calling won’t hurt your company’s image.

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