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Thought Leadership – Where Sales Leads Are Like Students

There’s no questioning the importance of thought leadership in content marketing. But if you’re still wondering if the amount you invest in blogs and research has been really attracting sales leads, the complete answer might not be in your CRM data.

Instead, try approaching thought leadership like a teacher would approach a classroom.

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Software Lead Generation Tips – Don’t Always Count on the Obvious

The best inbound lead generation strategies aren’t the ones that leave you cozily waiting for the next prospect to read up on you and eager to learn more.

They’re the ones that have you constantly working on thought leadership, increasing your industry knowledge, and being your software firm’s own PR representative in your own right. You rely on prospects to know the obvious answer: You.

Although, sometimes a prospect can’t even bother themselves to read up. Don’t presume they’re lazy. It could also be because you’re relying on the obvious far too much.

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Planting Marketing Tricks for an ERP Lead

The art of disguising an object isn’t just good for pulling pranks. It can be good for bigger things like art, espionage, and of course, marketing.

But how do ERP lead generators make use of this skill when pulling in prospects into the sales funnel?

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