Tailoring Telemarketing For Lead Generation Services

These days it’s hard to tell the difference between a B2B lead generation company that uses telemarketing and a telemarketing company offering to generate B2B leads. And frankly, does it matter?


Maybe it matters to those who don’t seem to think highly of the telemarketing group. However, do they even bear in mind the same image of telemarketing as the ones who endorse it?


Well first off, how would you define lead generation? Basically it’s sparking interest and curiosity among your target prospects right? At this point, critics of telemarketing are quick to cite alternatives like email, webpage, and social media.


However, are they aware that these are also subject to the same flaws and stigmas that plague telemarketing? Scammers are capable of using emails and faked websites too you know.


Are they also aware that more than one telemarketing company has deployed these same alternative methods to augment their main one?


Let’s use B2B software appointment setting as an example. A client sees a website for something like a very nice-looking payroll system and is interested to learn more. Naturally, can you really fit the complicated details of that software’s features in a single webpage? Decision makers in a company value their time so they certainly can’t spend all of it browsing a website.


Now enter telemarketing. The prospects see a number they can call or fill out a form so that the software supplier can contact them. The result is a surprisingly dynamic way of giving these prospects all means of communication! So what are you waiting for? Telemarketing and email marketing can both be tailored together for the benefit of the whole campaign. Instead of fearing one method, why not outsource to a firm that’s not afraid to give all of them a try?

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2 thoughts on “Tailoring Telemarketing For Lead Generation Services

  1. roel

    A lot of times these are for sales jobs, often door to door (or not much better). While they may not be aactul scams, beware if they ask for any kind of payment up front. They will ask for a deposit for materials/product, and you will not see that money again.

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