Tech Marketing and Tech Etiquette

With the rapid growth of technology, we increasingly depend on our modern devices to ease up and speed up business tasks. Streamlining these tasks also allowed for better multi-tasking. But even with these benefits, abuse of technology can cast a bad light in the eyes of your B2B customers.

As many already know, it’s not the use but the time and place. Doing analytics when you’re supposed to having quality time with your folks; answering work messages during Thanksgiving dinner; or taking a call from your boss when you’re out on a date etc. These are all signs that your customers have taken too strong a liking to what tech does for their work. Only through prospect education can you do your part in prevention and encouraging both respect and responsibility through technology.

Disruptive noise – Even if calls are all part of office noise, it makes no difference outside of work. If you want your clients to show some professionalism, you can start with controlling the noise their devices make when they get tapped outside the office. Promote apps that control the flow of information outside the building after a specific time to minimize the disruption workplace data can have at home.

Distraction – There’s nothing wrong with using laptops in meetings so long as it’s tied to interacting with what’s going on. In other words, it doesn’t distract from objectives. Try promoting technology that already equips the meeting room with all the information required for it so there’s less distraction.

Ill-timed messages – Email and instant messaging is a really useful tool but it can backfire when sent at the wrong time. For example, your CRM notified a salesperson of a new prospect right in the middle of their Thanksgiving weekend. Instead show your prospects how they can use the technology to make plans right before it.

It’s conventional wisdom to say that it’s the customers who lack discipline. And yeah, maybe it can be hypocritical of them to complain about rudeness that they themselves are guilty of. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to help instead of just constantly marketing new tech without educating them on responsibility.

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