Telemarketing – A Tool Against Bad Business Behavior

Given all the popular ideas of telemarketing, you might think that it is a tool that only brings out that bad behavior. How can it possibly be used to discourage it? Well first off, telemarketing is not the only (and perhaps not even the most notorious) cause of bad business habits.

Using Telemarketing To Test For Software Abuse And Misuse

In fact, the bigger culprit could be none other than software! And if this is the cause, the habits that often arise could spell trouble the next time you try to generate software leads and get companies interested.

Telemarketing, B2B Telemarketing, Lead GenerationHow does software enable bad business behavior? A quick search or even a pause for reflection will instantly present several:

  • Excessive dependence – People who are too dependent on software are not always the lazy types who tries to get a computer to do all the work. It can also be the helpless types who cannot go a day without browsing through their email, cannot seem to work without internet, or communicating exclusively through online channels.
  • Technostress – You also have the classical examples of technostress, which is often source of fear for anyone just beginning to implement IT into their infrastructure. Do not underestimate the horrors that come when people think that technology has only added to work instead of reduced it.

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  • Decreased productivity – On the other hand, decreased workloads and excess automation can also result in lower productivity. In other words, people get lazy because they let the computer do all the work for them. (Ironically, this mirrors the disadvantage of blasting out emails being that it is not as engaging as telemarketing).

So, exactly how does going back to the phone reduce the negative impacts of technology?

  • #1: You are using a phone – Compared to email and social media, phone conversations are becoming antiquated and not in a good way. If you are a software company that seeks to encourage only a moderated use of technology, few things can be better than using telemarketing services instead of the typical route of web advertising and marketing spam.
  • #2: It is a subtle challenge to prospects – Once you have made your impact, encouraging this type of conversation is a subtle way to challenge prospects who have become too dependent on email. In fact, if they ever plan on marketing themselves, depending solely on digital-based tools will not help.

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  • #3: It is a small demonstration – You can also view telemarketing as your own way of demonstrating your moderated use. Think about it, you could have sent them an email but you opted for the phone instead. This gives your prospects a taste of what it is like to control one’s own use of tech.

Of course, this is never meant to downplay the significant impact that technology has on our lives. More than that, a moderated approach is actually the best way to measure this impact because it is objective while those who exhibit bad business behavior via software do so because of hype. Why not implement a telemarketing approach in your next software lead generation campaign?

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