Telemarketing In Australia – Use Data To Avoid DNC

Contrary to public opinion telemarketing still retains a strong, professional face that is unlike the cheesy caricatures of marketing scammers and pushy phone salesmen. However, perhaps it’s only fair to the public that they may not be too aware of where this professional side is usually seen.


One place to find telemarketing in this sort of heavy use would be in the production of B2B leads for companies like those ERP software.


Unlike regular software, ERP software is in fact not just one application but an entire, complex software package. You can’t market (much less advertise) it like you would a home computer OS or a video game. The client base needs to be targeted on an individual basis.


Hence, it’s why companies who provide this software are very strict in outsourcing only professionals. Telemarketing firms who hire these sort of professionals don’t just stop there. They equip themselves with only the best equipment and furthermore, the best information.


That information would include numbers of people on DNC registers. And given that ERP software can easily go global via the internet, there are plenty of countries out there with very strict telecommunications laws.


Australia is one such country and it imposes heavy fines on organizations who fail to comply. However, not all are eligible to placed on the lists. This turns information on DNC registers into advantage for telemarketers focusing only on B2B targets. It also in turn works to the advantage of companies who need B2B software leads (like those computerizing ERP).


Leads for B2B products aren’t as easily generated compared to consumer ones so it’s not surprising that most B2B business would at least consider telemarketing as an option.

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