The Difference Between Scammers And Authentic Lead Generation Companies

It seems like it can be so easy to get scammed these days. Be it falling for a telemarketing scam or accidentally clicking the infectious links on a spam email, newbies to either forms can be easy prey. However, they’re not the only ones who suffer from the activities of scammers.


They also hurt those who use these same methods for genuinely honest (and legal) means like lead generation. The B2B side of the market is definitely one area where these methods still see plenty of use and it doesn’t help when scammers are causing people to distrust something as innocent as an inquiring call.


Of course there’s no proving that such an innocent call is really innocent either but it would certainly help to know that the differences between, let’s say, professional telemarketers and telephone scammers can be quite glaring.


For one thing, scammers are more likely to make outrageous promises and proclamations to the ones receiving them (be it via email or telephone). Usually it would be something unbelievable like they have some miracle way to reduce your daily expenses or that you won a billion dollars. Then, there’s the ever present red flag of asking very sensitive information from the get-go.


Professionals on the other hand, don’t ask for that kind of information. It’s not only illegal but also irrelevant. Those in B2B software telemarketing, for example, are more likely to ask a person about the current state of their company’s HR (assuming the receiver is in any position for them to call in the first place). With that said, it actually sounds like something that could benefit you if you run a B2B outfit of your own. Why not outsource to them? You’ll confirm they’re not scammers and at the same time improve your own business!

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