The Growing Evolution Of The Australia Call Center

Australia is known for being really hard on telemarketers so how can one even think of setting up a call center in the country, or even just making it a target for telemarketing calls? Well, there are actually plenty of reasons to do so. For one, popularly cited obstacles such as DNC registers and telemarketing regulations won’t impede them if they’re telemarketing for something like ERP leads.


These same leads represent something that aren’t protected by DNC registers. That something is another business (who in turn, might actually benefit from getting such calls). Regulations such as DNC lists are meant only to protect the rights of private consumers who prefer product promotion on television, radio, or print media rather than the phone.


Another reason lies in the call centers themselves, or more specifically, their trending evolution into so-called ‘contact centers’. The term ‘contact’ is a clear indicator that they’re incorporating more mediums of communication alongside the traditional business call. Email is one example as well as as website marketing. Ever wonder why many B2B software sites still list their numbers on their company pages? Some might even argue that the phone helps them qualify a company for software leads because conversations happen faster and a spam filter sometimes is more obstructing than being sent to voice mail.


The most distinct advantage however is that it helps these telemarketers hit closer to their targets. Using email to generate inbound calls puts them a lesser risk of violating DNC regulations and also makes them less imposing. That’s why you need not hesitate outsourcing a call center in Australia because there’s a good chance that they’ve already evolved into something bigger than what the label implies.

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