Types Of Information For Software Sales Leads – Type #1: Contact Details

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ERP software is a product that not only handles vast amounts of information, it also requires vast amounts of information in order to market and generate leads for. Companies who supply these systems need various types throughout all stages of the lead generation and appointment setting process.


Now there are various methods that even a small company can start with and some go as far as to integrate several more together in the long run. Some companies prefer to make outbound calls or emails. Others prefer to attract those same inquiries inbound via a website. However, none of these approaches can even start without something basic.


That something is contact information. No matter how you get it, it’s obvious that communication cannot start if you don’t even know who to call. When you’re targeting businesses, do remember that you’re targeting organizations. There’s more than one person involved but you need to contact the ones who are relevant and can speak for the company regarding your product.


Of course, this doesn’t eliminate the possibility of needing other parties to have their say. Still, that’s why you’re targeting the one who is most relevant because they will be your connection to those people so chances are, what they say will be relayed (and vice-versa). This all means nothing though if you don’t know who that person is and how to contact them. It doesn’t matter if you outsourced a company to get it and contact them for you, bought a list from an online database, or even just manually scoured a directory for a few hours. You can’t start without basic contact information.

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