Types Of Information For Software Sales Leads – Type #3: Needs

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All right you’ve obtained some contact information about a business, checked out what kind of industry they’re in, and now preparing yourself to contact them. At this stage, you might already be preparing to send an email with an impressive template or readying a very convincing telemarketing script.


However, you might want to step back because chances are, you’re assuming a sale a little too soon. There’s still something you need to know.


The good news is you can still push through with contacting the prospect even if you don’t know what that is. That being the needs of the business you’re calling.


ERP software deals covers a lot of departments. As such, you have so many features and so many solutions to many problems but guess what? Not all companies have the same problems (or even set of problems). Whether you’re already calling/emailing or formulating the words to say/write, you need to find out these needs.


If you’re planning on doing it beforehand, try researching more in-depth. Do they have news about them on their own website? Can you look them up on LinkedIn? Have they made postings and requests somewhere where they’re looking for a software solution.


Now if you’re already contacting them, don’t try to sell your product right away. Instead, use your first contact as a means to ask about any problems they might have, introduce your business, and simply ask up front if they have had any problems (sometimes they don’t even know how to check).


Decision makers don’t want to be sold to. They’d rather want to be helped and the only way you can do that is by finding out what they need help with.

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