Types Of Information For Software Sales Leads – Type #5: Schedule

Software Appointments

Suppose you’re already in the final stages of the lead generation process. You’ve made contact with a potential client, learned about they do, figured out their needs, and confirmed that they have the necessary budget. So what now? Better yet, do you even know what qualifies as the final stage or what qualifies a certain lead?


In other words, do you know how to finish it up and attempt the sale?


Think of lead generation as aiming a hunting rifle. You make sure that the target is not moving or if it is, you try to time the shot and move the barrel at an appropriate pace. The process is finished when you finally pull the trigger.


That won’t matter if you don’t know how and when to shoot the gun in the first place.


Hence, you need to know how to plan your process so that you have a cutoff time or a set date in which you can attempt the sale. In other words, you need to really schedule your attempts. The idea of implementing something as high-end as ERP software will definitely be something that company decision makers need time to think over. And it’s not just them either, when you consider parts of the package such as CRM and HR software, they’ll be talking this over with their employees as well. You will need the full support of their organization.


These things take time, lots of it. Some companies even go as far add in software appointment setting so that their potential clients will have a really comprehensive idea of what they’re being offered. The only way to finish the process that way however is if you take note of their schedule.

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