Using Software Leads Like a Placebo Effect

Most, if not all, medical professionals would have a negative view towards the placebo effect. However, that might very well be a long time ago. Some of today’s professionals are now considering its possible benefits. And yes, it has a lot to do with improving mindset.

Likewise, improving a mindset could get you more out of your software leads compared to tweaking the lead generation process.

How many times have you ever felt convinced that this or that part of your current marketing strategy wasn’t really necessary? Chances are, you can find anything to back your decision just by Googling.

I’ll tell you what they most have in common though: A lack of correlation.

Normally, I’m not fond of correlation-causation fallacies either. But in all honesty, I’ve seen people believe worse things than the idea that a needless social media gimmick or a funny logo can increase software leads.

In this case, maybe that belief could be of more help than harm. For example:

  • Your sales reps just like the feeling – What if your sales reps just get a little bit more motivated when they see prospects message them like a human being, not some disembodied vendor? There may not be a direct link to increasing leads or sales, but at the very least it puts their mind at ease.

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  • A crutch is an emergency foothold – You might think that your sales reps don’t need so much information just to go for the close. However, what if a prospect suddenly quizzes them and they’re not sure? Do you want to risk a panic attack? It’s like knowing you can hike without a stick you suddenly trip. You never needed the cane but it sure kept you from falling.
  • There’s no harm done –And even if the benefits aren’t all that, plenty of medical professionals say that a placebo effect isn’t all that bad in of itself. There could be worse problems in your lead generation process that you need to deal with.

The need to prune and micro-manage your marketers never results in better practices or more sales from your software leads. Instead of getting rid of so-called ‘placebo effects,’ more time should be spent on bigger obstacles in your sales process.

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