When IT Sales Go AWOL

Soldiers are not the only people you want going AWOL. IT sales professionals, particularly veteran ones, can prove to be just as dangerous to the businesses that previously employed them. In case of such an event, your marketing and lead generation services should immediately start damage control.

Knowledge – The Secret Of IT Sales

IT Sales, IT Sales Leads, Lead GenerationLike their military counterparts, the greatest danger a rogue salesperson poses is not any stolen tech but mere knowledge of that tech. They know your company inside and out. They know how you operate, where you operate, and even what new plans you had in store. And just recently, Gigaom has reported that Amazon may have its own renegade in its hands:

Daniel Powers, an IBM veteran, joined AWS as VP of sales in 2010, learned the business ‘from top to bottom’ and was privy to company trade secrets, according to the suit. In June, 2012 Amazon offered him a severance package in return for a signed non-compete agreement. This suit, filed in Washington State Superior Court, charged that Powers’ decision to join Google violates the terms of that pact, which required him to stay clear of directly competitive work for 18 months.”

Sounds messy right? Legal complications aside, it does not eliminate this possibility: Your IT sales employees are privy to your trade secrets. Everything from the key parts of your software, your current IT leads, and all the way down to your company’s internal culture is currently locked away in their minds. And if they go AWOL, all of that is compromised.

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If you think getting your marketers to hush was hard, you would not want to see what havoc your IT sales experts can wreak once they are out of your company’s control. Fortunately, all is not lost even should that worst-case scenario occur. In terms of your IT sales leads, your marketers can:

  • Generate more – These people may know who your company is going after but there is a surprising advantage to simply generating more. Should your competitors give them an ear (as they likely will), you can give them a shock by engaging more than just the leads that they have learned about.
  • Qualify faster – The faster you qualify, the faster the remnants of your own IT sales team can get ahead. This ties it with generating more but it also makes sure that your previous leads are not entirely exploited by eager competitors.
  • Publicize the renegade – As the report can attest, there is a lot of media attention given to salespeople who are allegedly switching sides as it were. Why not help it along with your own marketing? That way, it shows them that you know and better yet, you are already in the midst of responding.

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When salespeople abandon ship, it can give you pause to reflect on what you could have done to retain. But regardless, that reflection must wait when the damage is already done. You might as well control the impact and spend more time stepping up your game (be in in innovation or software lead generation).

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